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Why to Never Set an End Goal for Your Business

Why to Never Set an End Goal for Your Business

In a recent article from Inc., Simon Sinek shares his views on how to keep a business focused on infinitely growing. Simon suggests playing an infinite game with business decisions. In order to foster growth, leaders must broaden their visions of what to expect for the future of their companies. This mindset isn’t just for the owners to acquire; it’s a radical way of conducting business that inspires employees to consider how their employers are changing. Simon’s advice calls for business leaders to analyze their industries to better prepare staff members with strategies that keep things fresh.

Setting an end goal for a business is a danger that many business leaders make while creating their first business plans. While it’s important to have clear goals that motivate a sales team, reaching the end goal could mean that the company will find itself in a slump. When a department gets close to reaching their goals, rewards should become more tangible. To prevent a slump in sales, business leaders must keep coming up with fresh ideas of where to take their companies. Successful leaders continue to come up with goals to improve sales by utilizing new marketing strategies and techniques that appeal to target consumers. Customers’ interests change, and the industry itself may change without notice.

Although Simon Sinek advocates an infinite game for businesses, he makes it clear that it’s still important to reward employees for their hard work. Sinek believes that incentives help keep employees focused on achieving goals, but he advocates compensating employees with other rewards that increase trust and build relationships. Employees should be comfortable working towards finite goals that are attainable, but they should have a sense of the infinite success that hangs in the distance.

This information shouldn’t be a complete surprise for business owners who have been working with a business plan and using other fundamental leadership practices to keep their employees striving towards perfection. Business plans are meant to be revisited when goals have been achieved. However, Simon Sinek provides expert advice to business owners who want to keep their employees improving upon the benchmarks they reach: the leader must give an example to their employees of where they believe their company is going.

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