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On the cutting edge

On the cutting edge
Who says cutting boards have to be so … square?

These days, the ideal surface for mundane food-preparation tasks such as cutting, slicing and mincing is anything but boring. Still functional? Absolutely. But thanks to talented artisans, and specialty and other retailers, cutting boards qualify as eye candy for all kinds of kitchens, from humble to high-falutin’. In some cases, the boards’ heirloom status has reached new heights.

Yes, cooks and collectors alike covet this most utilitarian of kitchen tools now more than ever. This is especially true for culinarians on a mission to outfit their kitchens with the most sustainable equipment and gadgets on the market. No doubt they’d appreciate the reclaimed Hawaiian-grown hardwood cutting boards crafted by Jen Homcy of Honolulu.

“I rescue materials from trees that have either fallen or are removed from urban areas, and keep them from going through a chipper or taken to the dump,” Homcy explains on her website, “I create artistic, functional and exotic-looking heirloom pieces for homes and kitchens.”

Some specialty cutting boards provide the perfect opportunity to show pride of place. Brooklyn, N.Y.-based AHeirloom designs and manufactures boards that “reflect the true curvature of all 50 state borderlines,” says its website, “We also offer custom boards for city outlines, countries” and just about any other land mass. And the boards are even made of formaldehyde-free bamboo.

Maybe you have no interest in showing your allegiance to state, region or country. However, if you’ve always wanted to bring your alma mater or favorite pro team into the kitchen, online retailers such as have boards emblazoned with team insignia ranging from Bowling Green State to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

What if you prefer a cutting board that’s more refined than rustic, more subtle than splashy? Never fear; custom retailers are here to make the boards that complement your taste and fulfill your culinary needs. San Diego-based crafts one-of-a-kind boards that you can pull out from a drawer or mount atop your stove.

No matter your taste or the task at hand, there’s bound to be a cutting board that meets – and even exceeds – your desires and needs.