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How to Create the Perfect Winged Cat Eye

How to Create the Perfect Winged Cat EyeWhen someone's rocking a fabulous cat eye, you can't help but notice. It's what draws us to people like Lauren Conrad, who's as known for her perfectly pointy liner as she is for her incredible fashion line. The reason? It takes skill and a little bit of time to perfect the ideal cat eye. Use the wrong liner or an incorrect technique, and you could end up a smudgy mess. 

The good news? Even if you've never attempted this look before, it's never too late to learn it. Today, I'm sharing five easy cat eye tips that anyone can master. Ready to learn more? Let's get started!

1. Choose the right liner.

If possible, begin with a fine-tipped liquid liner rather than a chunky eye pencil. The reason? You'll need to make a few precise drawings, and a thick line simply won't allow you that range of motion. Whether you use a brush-style applicator or a pen is up to you, though I've found that a pen affords a more natural and easy to maneuver fit.

2. Draw an upward angled line.

Starting at the outer edge of your eyelashes, draw a single line upward, toward your temple. The length of this line is where you can really get creative! Make it longer for a more dramatic cat eye, or keep it subtle for a flirty, everyday look. Finding that move a little wonky to navigate? Try starting at the top point, and drawing a line angled downward toward your outer lash line. 

3. Complete the triangle.

Next, simply connect the top of that angled line to your upper lashline. Aim for the connector point to be right above your iris, or a little bit more inward than your initial line. As you do so, you'll create a narrow triangle. Looking a little crazy? That's OK! Don't worry, we're not done yet!

4. Color it in.

Next, color in that triangle. Be careful to not move too quickly or press too hard here, or you could end up distributing too much pigment, and the color could bleed outside of your triangle line. Apply too little, however, and your color could fade by the middle of the day. Work in slow, short swipes to apply just the right amount of liner.

5. Complete the liner.

Next, line your eyes as you normally would, carefully incorporating the triangle you just drew. Take care to smooth the area where the triangle meets your lash line, to make it appear as seamless as possible. 

When you're done, add a few swipes of your favorite lengthening mascara and voila! You've got the perfect cat eye for work or play. Notice a few mistakes along the way? Don't fret, and resist the urge to wipe it all off and try again. Rather, dip a cotton swab into a little bit of eye makeup remover (or even petroleum jelly!) to correct the issue, and keep going.

Cat eyes are an easy and fun way to add a little bit of glam to your everyday. Feel free to practice and put your own unique spin on them!