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Craig Hockenberry: Barrier free pipelines after High School

During the 2017-18 school year in we began the process of developing the Taylor High School Career Academies in the Three Rivers School District. CLICK HERE

The Career Academies came out of the idea that not every kid is going to college and that was 100% okay, however what is your post-secondary plan? Our goal was to launch 3-4 academies inside the high school that created a pipeline without barriers to a career. In typical Craig Hockenberry style leadership if one career academy was good then five would be great so let’s start talking and building relationships.

Career academies promote smaller learning communities within high schools, creating personalized learning environments while promoting students’ readiness for college and careers. After describing the career academy structure, we present four research-based aspects that can assist school leaders and teachers in developing and implementing academies. Career academies can be effective in preparing students for college and careers, while also providing economic benefits to the community. We started with Cincinnati State Aviation and Drone technology, added electrical, and informational Technology through the University of Cincinnati and will continue to develop partnerships to add these programs.

I reached out to a community member who owned a company called, Seek who worked with many companies throughout the United States on core values and other leadership work. I took our entire team off campus to the Cincinnati Observatory on a Sunday and we turned this day into one of the more productive days I have had at Three Rivers. We broke into groups of three and four and spread throughout the observatory and spent hours upon hours reaching deep inside everything we knew about Three Rivers to develop three lasting core values that we could present to the Board of Education, the staff, students, and community. The team was incredible and so focused. The day was filled with mnay ups and downs, but we stayed focused.

By Craig Hockenberry

Craig Hockenberry: Barrier free pipelines after High School