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A Guide to Building or Designing a Home Theater

A Guide to Building or Designing a Home Theater

There are several financial and technical factors to consider when building or designing a home theater. On the financial part, the cost of building or designing a home theater can range from $1,000 up to $25,000. Technically, there are over 700 possibilities for home theater speakers. Considering the financial and technical factors involved, building a home theater can be a complicated and difficult process. However, you can hire professional home builders in Utah to help you build or design your home theater.

The Room

First of all, you need to determine the location of the home theater in your home. You can set it up in the main living area, the basement, or in a spare bedroom. The shape of the room should be rectangular. For best sound projection, set up your main speakers and display screen along a short wall. Square-shaped rooms are not ideal for home theaters because they usually produce odd harmonic distortion. In addition, ensure that the room has fewer windows. Windows are known to reflect sound, cause audio distortion, and let in light producing reflections on your display screen. The home theater room should have fewer windows as well as shades and heavy curtains on the windows to block light from interfering with your viewing.

Speaker Placement

Many home theaters feature 5.1 surround sound speakers with five full-range speakers and one low range speaker known as the woofer. Place three speakers and the woofer in front of the room and the remaining two speakers on either side. Ensure the two rear speakers are slightly behind your viewing position. Your home theater speakers should be placed at least 20 inches from the walls. However, note that each room has its own unique qualities. Therefore, you can only get the best sound by experimenting with speaker placement. This should not give you a hard time since speakers are easily moveable.

The speakers for your home theater should ideally be placed an even distance from each other. In addition, the seats for the home theater should be halfway from the speakers. However, it may be quite difficult to achieve this level of perfection. Some woofers come with volume controls that you can tweak for the best sound effect. Advanced speakers are fitted with millisecond adjustments known as delays. Delay is that time sound is projected from each speaker so that everything hits your ears simultaneously. Sound delay is an ideal setting for large rooms with speakers placed at varying distances.