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Designing Your Home on a Budget

Designing Your Home on a Budget

Shop for Used Furniture at Yard Sales

If you want to design your home on a budget, then there are several ways to save money. One of the best things that you can do is shop for used furniture at yard sales. When a homeowner is preparing to move, they are often willing to sell their furniture at low prices. Don’t worry about a few scratches or faded upholstery because you can stain wood furniture, and you can find ready-made slipcovers at local stores. Make sure that the furniture is not wobbly, and inspect the furniture carefully to ensure it is not infested with mold or insects. Bring along a truck and a friend to load heavy items, and always have cash to pay for the items because many sellers won’t accept personal checks.

Look for Paint That Is On Clearance to Decorate Your Home

A cheap way to make a room look brand-new is with a coat of paint, but you don’t need to spend a fortune on paint because many stores offer great sales and clearances each season. If you are decorating a new home from scratch, then don’t fixate on a particular color because a paint store might be getting rid of last season’s favorite designer colors. When you want to paint a lot of rooms in a home, choose the best equipment to get the job completed quickly, including painting machines, tall ladders and painter’s tape to protect woodwork. Always use drop cloths to protect the hardwood floors or wall-to-wall carpeting in your home from the damages of spilled paint.

Make Your Own Window Coverings to Save Money

You must have window coverings for your home, and these items can get expensive unless you shop around for the best prices. It is possible to use thin curtains, window blinds or heavy draperies to cover a home’s windows for privacy, and you may need to layer different types of window coverings to keep a room warm or cool. If you know how to sew or have a friend who is a seamstress, then you can make your own curtains for odd-shaped or extra-large windows rather than ordering customized sizes from a store. When you need window blinds, look for clearance products that are in unique colors to save money.

Look for Glass That Is Etched With Beautiful Designs

To add an elegant decorative effect to your home, consider installing etched glass embellishments such as shower doors, lighting fixtures or mirrors. You can find glass items that are already etched with designs in stores, but you can also order customized objects that have your initials or last name. Adding a lamp that has a glass shade that is etched can give your home’s living room an interesting ambience. Alternatively, by etching the glass on windows or doors, you can create privacy because the surfaces are more difficult to see through. There are also glass picture frames that are etched that you can hang on a wall or place on a fireplace mantel. In a dining room, you can place a decorative glass bowl or vase that has etching on the middle of the table.

Install Decorative Builder’s Hardware Inside and Outside Your Home

Another inexpensive way to add an interesting decorative effect to a new or older home is by using beautiful builder’s hardware. You can replace the handles, latches and knobs on kitchen and bathroom cabinets, giving each room a different ambience. To welcome visitors to your home, you can install a metal door knocker that is made of iron or brass. There are also designer hardware plumbing fixtures such as faucets and shower heads. If you want to make the steps outside a home or the stairs inside a home more attractive, then install metal handrails that are made of iron that is twisted into decorative designs.

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Hi Craig! Thanks for sharing this, it's an informative read with some really useful money-saving tips. More please!

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This is the first I've heard of paint going on sale. I'll keep my eyes peeled next time I'm at Home Depot. Thank you for the tip.

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