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How Multimedia Can Take Your Website to Google’s First Page

Your website has been built and is now accessible online. You have said: I will upload a few articles, blog posts, and a few images and wait. My site will start ranking, all by itself. If this sounds like you, you certainly need a better strategy. You need to learn how to use other methods such as multimedia in your digital marketing strategy. Multimedia combines videos, images, slideshows, and audio in a way that captures people's attention. People tend to share posts if they contain graphics, images, audio clips or videos. Here is how multimedia enhances your website:

Multimedia Captures People's Attention

People are busy. They have no time to waste on sites that look poorly designed. Your articles and blog posts have to be well written. But some people may just not have time to read the whole piece. You need to capture your visitor's attention and entice them to spend more time on your site. Multimedia helps you to achieve this goal. Studies reveal that video attracts people's attention more than text does. Sixty percent of visitors will watch your video before they turn their focus to your writing.

Multimedia Encourages Sharing

Video, a component of multimedia, is one the most popular types of content when it comes to online sharing. People tend to forward interesting and useful content to their friends. Some visitors will also share your content with their social media communities. Plus your video could go viral, reaching so many people. People are 1,200 percent more likely to share a video than they are likely to forward written content. When many people access your content, you can expect more traffic and ultimately more revenue.

How Multimedia Can Take Your Website to Google’s First Page

Multimedia Improves Ranking

You want content searchers to find your site on the first page of Google. A lot of people will never see your content if it is not on Google's first page. In fact, three in four web visitors will not proceed beyond page one. Fortunately, multimedia helps your site rise all the way to this coveted position over time. Pages with multimedia content have 53 times more probability than text to appear on the first page. If you want your website to rank better, you need to use a combination of multimedia and other types of content in your marketing strategy.

Multimedia Helps in Brand Building

People seem to have become extremely visual these days. Many of them are always ready to spare a moment to watch a video on social media or elsewhere. That is why you want to include videos in your content mix. Adding other multimedia components such as slideshows and audio results in even more engagement. Using multimedia can help enhance your brand's recognition online.

There is no way you will build a brand if no one can identify it. People who recognize your brand are also likely to purchase the products you offer. The result is more sales and probably profits. There is such a thing as sales without profits. You want to make profitable sales, but this is beyond the scope of this article.

Multimedia Reaches a Wider Audience

Multimedia helps you reach almost everyone.Visually-impaired people can consume audio content but may not enjoy your visual content. You can communicate to people who do not speak your language through subtitling and closed captions.

To engage people with sight problems, you can use video description. Video description involves using descriptive narrations during natural pauses or even during dialogue where necessary. You can hire any of the many experienced video description services to create engaging content for visually challenged visitors.

Driving your site to the first page of the search engines is not easy. But you can do it if you understand how to use effective SEO strategies. Multimedia can help you drive lots of traffic to your site. Additionally, it may help you grow your business' revenue and profit. Consider including multimedia in your digital marketing strategy.