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IT-SH162-IR INFRARED ILLUMINATOR - Intellisystem Technologies -

IT-SH162-IR INFRARED ILLUMINATOR - Intellisystem Technologies -

With 32 pieces 2W dot-matrix power IR LED, Wavelength: 740nm / 850nm / 940nm, Beam angle: 15° to 180°,Beam distance: 250m to 35m (850nm), the IT-SH162-IR Infrared Illuminator deliver high power infrared light for CCTV & IP camera at night time and improve performance of camera to get clear pictures.

The Military & Industrial Series High Power IR Illuminator is the top quality LED light source of night illumination with the longest service life:

  • Extended working temperature range -40℃ to 50℃
  • 50,000 hours lifetime of LED.



  • Two stages of constant current circuit avoid LED away from instantly impulse impact when started;
  • 50% design margin and accurate constant current circuit drive not only develop excellent performance of LED but maintain whole product a super long life of 10 years;
  • Low failure rate of products is guaranteed by the professional in-house optimized independent circuit technology, which has been widely used in the illuminators for more than 5 years;
  • Wide edge of silica gel circle and water stop line ensure IP66 waterproof and dustproof level;
  • Twice direct cooling heat sink processing enable to increase the cooling coefficient and prolong the service life of the product;
  • Patent design hexagonal spherical light sensor more accurately responses ambient brightness and  improves accuracy of automatic light control;
  • Flexible angle-adjustable bracket can extend the illuminance range widely;
  • Robust cooling fin design is available the illuminator working at -40℃ to 50℃;
  • Super energy saving circuit with low electrical power consumption.


  • Super power dot-matrix IR LED with strong light effect, long service life and low light decline feature;
  •  High efficient twice optical lens processing achieves 90% of the luminous efficiency;
  •  The housing adopts high thermal conductivity aluminum to enhance heat dispersion property;
  •  Stainless steel bracket and screw ensure low maintenan