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IT-SSG12-IR INFRARED ILLUMINATOR - Intellisystem Technologies -

IT-SSG12-IR INFRARED ILLUMINATOR - Intellisystem Technologies -

Deliver high power infrared light for CCTV & IP camera at night time and improve performance of camera to get clear pictures.



  • Precise secondary optical technology

The latest LED technology assures outstanding performance of LED with excellent luminous efficiency and more uniform illumination;

  • Independent innovation of high efficiency power drive schemes

Low failure rate of products is guaranteed because of professional in-house optimized independent circuit technology widely used in our LED illuminators for more than 5 years;

  • High thermal conductivity aluminum

Excellent thermal management not only reduces excess heat and brightness decay of LED but also ensures efficient, reliable and continuous operation of LED throughout its lifetime as 50,000 hours;

  • Manual adjustable photocell and brightness

Easily set the time of Turn-on illuminator to meet any environmental brightness requirement and dim the brightness of illuminator to suitable light effect;

  • Vandal resistant

Vandal resistant panel protects against hammer, stone and continuous thumping in a certain range;

  • Energy saving technology

All illuminators has energy saving circuit with low electrical power consumption;

  • Thinner and lighter design

Our patent owned housing is designed for simple installation and easy operation to reduce construction difficulty.


  • To improve performance of the weak light camera, thereby enhancing the picture effects at night;
  • Conventional night monitoring;
  • The function of video analysis at night;
  • Reduce signal noise and other image distortion;
  • Reduce the network bandwidth requirements;
  • Energy saving by power factor correction;
  • Lower cost of installing and wiring;
  • Indoor and outdoor use.