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A Crazy Little Thing Called 'Life'

A Crazy Little Thing Called 'Life'

"Those who assert there is no evidence of extended consciousness beyond this reality are willfully ignorant."
 -Dr. Eben Alexander

Those who doubt the reality of existence beyond the human form have not the foggiest notion of who they are and where they came from. Conventional science even acknowledges that over 90% of the 'known' universe consists of 'dark matter and energy'. It would be extremely ignorant of us to think that nothing of intelligence exists within this 'space.'

 Unfortunately, our limited scientific view of the world leaves for much skepticism in the notion that the mechanism of consciousness emanates from beyond the confines of the physical human being and is the fundamental basis of all that exists in a complex universe. 

"Truth passes through three phases: First it is ridiculed...Second it is fiercely and violently opposed. Third, it becomes self-evident.
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- Arthur Schopenhauer

 To grow and evolve our conscious awareness to that of the transcendental elements that move us beyond what we currently know of quantum physics, we need to expand our limited view of what we have long considered reality.

Our focus on power as external has seduced us into thinking that the material 'scientific world' is all that exists of reality. We have forgotten what was once known to us as our souls journey into physicality as a means of understanding the reality of our existence and the true nature of who we are. We cannot know light without having spent some time 'in the dark.'

We are beginning to 'tap' a new frontier of holistic science that brings us in touch with an informational field of trans-dimensional reality...Perhaps there we can recover our true sense of self and remember who we are and that our consciousness survives beyond the point of physical death.


"A man should look for what IS, and not for what he thinks should be."
Albert Einstein
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Whatever struggles we face in our physical existence here are the just stepping stones we encounter along the way to bringing us ever closer to communion with something far greater than our individual selves.

 We have been given an opportunity to participate in something truly astounding...And that is to become fully manifest in a world made up of our conscious thoughts, ideas and emotions and remember that we are just visitors here in this crazy little thing called 'life.'

"Dr. Alexander's near death experience is the most astounding I have heard in decades of studying this phenomenon. He is living proof of an afterlife."
-Raymond A. Moody, Jr., M.D. Ph. D.
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The following video is the remarkable story of academic neurosurgeon Eben Alexander M.D., who back in 2008 made a miraculous recovery from the gram negative bacterial meningitis that plunged him into deep coma and nearly took his life.

The part of his brain that controls thought and emotion had shut down completely as he lay in critical condition, during which time Dr. Alexander had journeyed into the deepest realms of 'meta-physical' existence 

Seven days later, he spontaneously emerged from deep coma and made a complete recovery. And much to the astonishment of his family and doctors, he remembered with great clarity the details of his internal journey...His story is so revolutionary, those of all faiths and science will find it difficult to ignore. I hope you find him as fascinating as I do...

Cyndi wilkins Feb 19, 2020 · #23

"Truth passes through three phases: First it is ridiculed...Second it is fiercely and violently opposed. Third, it becomes self-evident."

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Fay Vietmeier Oct 21, 2019 · #21

@Cyndi wilkins
I appreciate your thoughtful response
And agree with your well chosen words about atheism "hard-hearted" is the key /our heart-attitude is the most shaping factor in life.
I have been thoughtfully writing over the last several weeks on unbelief & doubt - (which includes mockers & naysayers)
It is such a an important issue that I approach it prayerfully because I do not want to "offend" or push people away from heart-examination and challenging thinking that way be robbing their life.
God bless you back ;~)

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Cyndi wilkins Oct 21, 2019 · #20

#19 Thank you kindly for your beautiful comment Fay...and for committing your precious time to watching the video. I have read many accounts of NDE, but few as compelling as this one...especially as it is being shared by a 'hard-nosed science guy' who admits to formerly believing NDE to be a 'brain based' fantasy.

You are very correct in stating it is absolutely no coincidence a neuro-surgeon with better than average intelligence would experience the 'perfect storm' of events and understand the implications of the 'medical impossibility' of it. The reality that unfolded for him was even though his neocortex was completely 'off line' he experienced a world of consciousness that existed completely free of the limitations of his physical brain.

I found Lee Strobel's 'Case of The Christ' extraordinarily engaging...IMHO, the most profound and respectfully presented investigation on a very well established historical fact...Especially in light of his admitted hard-hearted atheism and staunch cynicism on the resurrection of the Christ and his claim to being the son of God. Others may enjoy it as well...So thank you Fay, for bringing it to my attention...

God Bless'-)

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Fay Vietmeier Oct 20, 2019 · #19

Cyndi ~ MANY thank you for sharing this … especially the powerful quotes
To each person is given the opportunity to speak about their life experiences … this can be called a “testimony” … few have the opportunity to speak about a near death experience.
What I find so compelling about Dr Eben Alexander’s testimony is that he is a man of science/a neuro-surgeon … coincidence? I think not.
Only a person with Eben’s background could uniquely understand and convey the medical miracle that he experienced which led to his near death experience.

This quotes speaks volumes about human-thinking & human-values:
"Truth passes through three phases: First it is ridiculed... Second it is fiercely and violently opposed. Third, it becomes self-evident.”- Arthur Schopenhauer
The thought that leapt into my mind when I read this … had to do with Jesus Christ
Jesus referred to Himself as: (I AM) “Truth”
Jesus was “ridiculed” (especially by the religious establishment: the teachers of the law, scribes & Pharisees)
The rejection (from “educated” religious leaders) further escalated … Jesus was “fiercely and violently opposed”
And then after the death & resurrection of Christ … the Truth became “self-evident”
(Jesus had foretold the events that would occur – once they unfolded: there were witnesses & there is an historical account “proof” as it were /if any cares to read a present day investigation "The Case for Christ" as told by (Attorney) Lee Strobel

There is one thing Eben said: which I found of great value: he described being an “empty slate”
Which makes me think: "Only when you forget everything you know … can you truly learn" ~fem-v

As much as time changes things … this one thing does not change: people see what they want to see … hear what they want to hear … and believe what they want to believe

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Cyndi wilkins Oct 20, 2019 · #18

The full medical case report By Dr. Bruce Greyson and colleagues as it appears in the Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease...

“The patient had a severe case of E. coli meningitis and was near death” with a CSF glucose of 1... since that episode, he has made a 'complete and remarkable recovery' without any residual neurological issues.... This is particularly relevant because of the specific and devastating effects of meningoencephalitis on the neocortex."


#15 I agree, Cyndi! Too much of anything can be toxic! Life is too short...

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Cyndi wilkins Oct 16, 2019 · #16

#2 "one day science will discover this too @consciousness #it's in the AI.RE"

I think this awakening (more accurately, remembering) is already occurring @Joseph Sprute...However I suspect a very long integration period as the world makes this dramatic shift in consciousness to include a much revised study of 'meta-physics'...Our 'neuroplasticity' isn't quite as robust as it was when we first we arrived here in these heavenly bodies;-)