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Healing The Healer

Healing The Healer

"You know the time has come when the manifestations of emotional stress present in the physical body...just name your condition."

Several years ago I left a very secure, albeit rather toxic job, after 15 years of service in favor of becoming a practitioner of the healing arts. I had come to depend on alternative therapies to greatly enhance my own process of healing over a period of many years. As the physical and emotional stress and strain of my job began to wreak havoc with my overall health and well being, removing myself from that environment became my top priority.

For each and every one of us, our own health must be top priority...Without it, we are no good to anyone. YOU are your most valuable asset. Even if you are experiencing an emotional/physical the two go hand in hand within the whole body complex, maintaining a healthy mindset is at the epicenter of your recovery process.

If your job or living situation or even a toxic relationship is making you sick, you owe it to yourself and everyone you hold dear to move away from the energy of that environment. You know the time has come when the manifestations of emotional stress present in the physical body...just name your condition, Mother Nature will surely accommodate.

Through my study and work as a muscular therapist, I have become very well aware of the physiological effects of psychological stress and trauma on the body. I always remain acutely aware when working very deeply within the muscles and tissues, as it has the potential to release deep-seated cellular memory for the client. Staying grounded and focused in these moments is critical to assisting the client in addressing and releasing any embedded emotional trauma that comes to the surface.

"It was a moment of impact that shattered my carefree days on a job I had been enjoying, until fate came along and burned my perfect little world to the ground."

Occasionally however, what comes to the surface is my own awareness of why I find bodywork such a gift in my life...It is just as healing for the giver as it is for the receiver. As you give so too shall you receive. This morning I was working a deep tissue session with a client who is usually quite talkative and distracting...Sometimes when there is too much chatter during a session, I find it difficult to focus on the more subtle messages of the body.

Today however, my client was very calm and quiet...almost lightly sedated. In that silence, I became aware of a past memory of my own...It was a moment of impact that shattered my carefree days on a job I had been enjoying, until fate came along and burned my perfect little world to the ground.

Our office was sent into complete chaos, and all jobs went up for re-bidding. The route I had worked so hard over several years to groom to my liking was snatched up by someone senior to me. Unfortunately, I inherited his toilet in a shitty area of the city. My days were filled with the smell was dirty diapers and trash!

Just remembering that moment made my heart skip a few beats. It was such a devastating time in my life. My job, my home, my relationship...poof! GONE...Ashes to ashes...Why my home and my relationship? Because I could not let go of my anger over the situation and it ate away at me and destroyed my relationship...Needless to say, sickness ensued. Granted, I still had job...just not the one I wanted...This experience was a call to change.

I couldn't believe that memory was still in there...but of course it is...FEAR brought it to the surface as my now partner and I struggle with yet another job loss...I knew I was being given an opportunity to recognize and release that fear once and for all, so I could move forward and help my partner in doing the same. The consequences of fear (or anger) influence the direction of a partnership...That is how family dynamics work. That shift in perception for me brought with it a sense of peace in being supportive in a committed relationship, rather than fearful for our physical survival and security.

As my client began to stir, I thanked her for the 'moment of silence' as it evoked for me some very deep seated memories in need of my attention. When I shared my thoughts with her, she launched into some very dark moments of her own. As we both responded to each other's difficulties with care and compassion, we were able to release this inner conflict through simple conversation...many years after the fact. The results were palpable. That is the harmonious nature of this work...People helping moment at a time;-)

About the Author:

Cyndi is a licensed and Certified Massage and Bodywork Professional, Writer and Energetic Channel in the Greater Boston, Massachusetts Area

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Cyndi wilkins 27/7/2017 · #20

#18 Yeah...I was never very good in the 'testing' department @Pascal Derrien...Life just keeps hurling it at you until you get it;-)

#19 Thank you Harley;-)

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Harley King 27/7/2017 · #19

Great article, Cyndi.

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Pascal Derrien 27/7/2017 · #18

a pretty good write up , the quote about being tested is so true :-)

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Cyndi wilkins 22/7/2017 · #17

#16 True dat Miss Lisa! Sometimes the body has to make the adjustment our minds tend to be a little slow on the uptake;-) Gotta do what cha gotta do!

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Lisa Gallagher 22/7/2017 · #16

#15 You sure were one busy gal @Cyndi wilkins! I can't imagine taking A & P now.. yikes. But, you did it! I think that's when many of us start racing, when life roughs us up. I wish it didn't have to be that way, for some it's not but I'm sure other obstacles come their way. Ha, you nose became immune to 'shit.' That had to be it!

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Cyndi wilkins 21/7/2017 · #15

#8 was really slinging some shit there @Lisa 🐝 Gallagher...I must have been unconscious and they couldn't find any smelling shitty diapers had to do the trick;-) There were signs, many of them, but I had become complacent in my comfort zone...Life had to rough me up a bit to make me was time.

It didn't happen overnight...5 years passed from this time of 'reckoning' to my move into a new career...I attended night school while still continuing to work full-time at this job until I had accumulated enough credits and proper training to make my move into entrepreneurship...I had to take anatomy and physiology all over again...Try to get a fourty year-old brain to do that!!...Ugh!

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Cyndi wilkins 21/7/2017 · #14

#10 Bitterness is a tough nut to crack...holding onto it only keeps us from flying. But to forgive is to be forgiven...and there is not one among us who has not cast that stone of bitterness Harvey...If we can forgive ourselves first, that would be an excellent start;-)

Cyndi wilkins 21/7/2017 · #13

#9 Looking forward to another breakfast buzz with you @Joyce 🐝 Bowen Brand Ambassador @ beBee...My summer is a little nutso, but when the kid starts school again I'll 'buzz' your tower;-)