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Mind Management 101

Mind Management 101

 Creating a clear canvas through which to communicate requires a 'thought refining' process with the intention of making a clear statement and/or thought from one point of reference to another. The more clarity you bring to this process, the more connected you are to any desired outcome.

 To communicate via cohesive thought is quieting the brain enough to filter through the plethora of emotional mind pollution floating about our heads and all the memories these emotions are attached to. As humans,we tend fall into the habit of continually recycling the same mental garbage, making it more difficult to get to centered in our 'core of clarity.'


 Neurological feedback loops allow the nervous system to adapt to a particular frequency. What we feed those 'thought loops' is responsible for creating the energy through which we vibrate. The higher the frequency, the clearer the channel and the easier it is for us to access worlds of consciousness beyond the self.

 Raising our state of awareness not only brings improvement to our own lives, it may also be replicated by others in our shared experiences. In other words, our thoughts should be designed in such a way to benefit not only our own evolution, but an evolving humanity.


 It is no secret that unaddressed trauma, especially in early childhood, creates a continuing negative feedback loop that will eventually manifest with the onset of chronic psychiatric and/or physical illness. Left unchecked, these early traumas branch out like tentacles entwined in our subconscious minds triggering us throughout our lives with even the most benign stressor. Adverse childhood experiences, or ACE's, are the number one health crisis we face as a global community.

 No matter who you are or where you live...whatever your cultural beliefs or differences, our children are the most critical element to embracing conscious growth and advancing ourselves as an evolving humanity. Teaching our children how to cultivate a healthy mindset is at the epicenter of human health and survival as a species.


 The physiological impact of trauma throughout the literature suggests the frequent recycling of the emotions connected to each traumatic event results in multiple comorbid disorders such as Major Depression, Heart Disease, Diabetes and Cancer...just to name a few of the heavy hitters.

 Healthcare professionals are now beginning to get a very clear picture of how interventions involving the expression emotion through channels such as creative writing, music and sound/vibrational therapies is fast becoming the new 'first line of defense' in treating chronic conditions as it heightens our awareness and ability to focus.

 Taking a candid look at our own toxic beliefs and mindsets is also essential in combating the profound effects trauma has on our overall well-being. In order to create a sustainable future for our children, we must first create the behaviors for a sustainable life within ourselves. The world can become very dark sometimes...and when it does, we need to have the presence of mind to look for the light in the midst of that darkness.

 As the future unfolds, we will evolve our neuro-physiology with self-discipline by training our brains to enhance our state of awareness so as not to be distracted by all the mental chaos that life here on Earth can create.

 Eventually, we will begin to see all the possibilities that develop as a result of respecting the boundaries of others in their worlds of consciousness (or cultures) as we do our own. One day, the practice of 'Mind Management' with be the only prescription the 'good doctor' orders.

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Thank You again for sharing

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Cyndi wilkins 4 d ago · #8

#7 Thank you for dropping in for a comment @Ian Weinberg...I appreciate your thoughts;-)

I figure, with the mess we have made of the place the least we can do is populate it with mentally strong individuals to continue to cultivate the emotional and social well-being of a species that has done a great deal of damage by falling asleep at the wheel.

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Ian Weinberg 4 d ago · #7

Excellent piece @Cyndi wilkins and as comprehensive as it gets. Indeed wellbeing, success, greater conscious awareness and empathy depends to a large part on the emotional health of the child.

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Cyndi wilkins 4 d ago · #6

#4 Everyone come join the 'Brain Train!' That's my brand @Ken Boddie... I think Cat Stevens would be proud;-)

But oooooh man...Felicity is in a heap of poo right now...But cha know what?? I admire the gal for just coming clean and taking the for 'Ant Becky' ...I got nothtin'...What the hell is she doing signing autographs!!

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Cyndi wilkins 4 d ago · #5

#3 That last sentence really is the bottom line isn't it @Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador...Thanks for sharing your insights...and you are absolutely right! Take an aspirin and call me in the morning was the mantra of the medical field back in the day...before the Big Bad Pharma Wolf came in and medicated us all into oblivion.

.We have been conditioned away from our natural state by medicating the mind...and we have been kept in darkness ever since. It's time to turn the lights back on;-)

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Ken Boddie 4 d ago · #4

Hey, Cyndi...
Should ‘train our brain’ be your campaign,
To clear out all toxicity,
As long as there’s no cost or pain,
I’ll follow with felicity.

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I have memories of childhood experiences that were traumatic to me then. Now, looking back I wonder how I survived. My point is I still remember some of them, which IMO they are part of my character. Back then, we weren't given a different pill for each and every little ailment. We took an aspirin and went to bed. Your last sentence says it all, Cyndi.

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Cyndi wilkins 4 d ago · #2

#1 "Scientific knowledge describes the effects of excessive activation of stress response systems on a child’s developing brain, as well as the immune system, metabolic regulatory systems, and cardiovascular system. Experiencing ACEs triggers all of these interacting stress response systems. When a child experiences multiple ACEs over time—especially without supportive relationships with adults to provide buffering protection—the experiences will trigger an excessive and long-lasting stress response, which can have a wear-and-tear effect on the body,"

Thank you kindly for the link @CityVP 🐝 Manjit...It is an excellent addition to this piece...I always appreciate you dropping in for a spell;-)

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