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Purposeful Anger

Purposeful Anger

There are several wonderful conversations buzzing around the 'hives' lately addressing the behaviors that many of us find offensive and unacceptable on social media...or anywhere else for that matter. The comments sections are rich with input from many amazing thought leaders and have created an environment of what I refer to as 'concern and discern.' 

As I was mentioned in a recent buzz as an active participant in many a 'heated debate' I felt it necessary to respond accordingly. The comments I shared with the wonderful Lisa Vanderburg were so poignant, I felt compelled to outline many of them here as a separate buzz, as these thoughts need to be shared as often as possible... A constant reminder to be mindful of our words.

My initial response is as follows:

I do not enter into any conflicts I might see here on social media with the intent to defend anyone...nor do I feel it necessary for me to do so...I enter in when something in particular moves me...not because of who may have written the piece. I find profound purpose in the energy of is a very helpful emotion in our healing process if we take pause, 'tune in' and really examine within ourSELVES what it is that triggered our response in the first place.

We are ALL wounded in some way and anger is our most accurate emotion in identifying that which needs our immediate and undivided attention. It is an offering from our senses to try to better understand ourselves and our experiences of the world. Whatever pained you, shamed you, maimed you...acknowledge it and validate it for sure...Then RELEASE it.

Your body of pain and anger is your closest friend...It will stop at nothing to get your matter who or what it uses as a decoy...and force you to pay close attention to your OWN P&Q's...Anger in and of itself has no conscious intent to hurt emerges to help heal you...

It is a natural response we all feel when we see what we perceive as an injustice...and it is not necessarily all our own. In fact, it is a all energy...and nobody likes a 'bully'. Taking pause to anger is to examine the big picture and identify that which is triggering our OWN responses to it.

My best guess is there is a deep seated issue left unchecked...anger and defensiveness give rise when we are feeling vulnerable or wounded in some way...Doing a little digging and making sure it fits the current situation gives us an opportunity to respond appropriately rather than being over-run by 'reactive' emotion...Emotions are wonderful motivators but they can also be very deceptive manipulators;-)

In her recent post 'Dilemma', author Lisa Vanderburg addresses the question of morals and ethics on social media...Grabbing the 'Bull by the balls"...

My comments continued...

I think the most important thing to remember is to modify our judgement of other people. We never know what another person is dealing with in their own personal experience. It is the ultimate sign of compassion to lift the spirit of our fellow human beings who might not be doing as well as we are in our current set of circumstances.

We need diversity to create necessary change...and who will help to create this much needed change are those who are willing to speak out about the patterns of thought that no longer serve us as a 'people'. Those who are willing to break through pain, burst through barriers and take us to uncomfortable places.

They are not new age psychos...they are the thought leaders of our future...invoking in our hearts and minds a new way of thinking that brings meaning to our lives...whose SOUL purpose is to unite...rather than destroy...And for that, I am very thankful.

To this comment the lovely Lisa responds:

This is how it SHOULD BE, lovely @Cyndi wilkins, that we are responsible to help others in encouragement and understanding. Alas, we also have to take into account those authors that take a reasonable statement that does not align with their post/buzz, and use it to pulverize the commenter, instead of either asking politely for clarification or 'overlooking' it. Again, both sexes are equally capable of offence!

My Response:

I agree wholeheartedly Miss Lisa...So my best suggestion is to down regulate the emotion...Anger begets choose the opposing energy of gratitude instead by responding to such behavior peacefully and intelligently...That in and of itself is empowering to YOU...the RESPONDER...Nothing is more disarming than a smile...Sure...they may shoot you in the head for it, but you'll go down smiling;-)

About the Author:

I am a licensed and Certified Massage and Bodywork Professional, Writer and Energetic Channel in the Greater Boston, Massachusetts Area

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#46 thank you for having written such a wonderful post @Cyndi wilkins

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Cyndi wilkins 2/10/2017 · #46

"It is a cry for attention, we need to listen to it. It is part of being human."

Nailed it @Liesbeth Leysen, MSc. Brand Ambassador beBee, Inc....Thank you for sharing;-)

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our healing bee @Cyndi wilkins has something very important to say, read it!

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#1 thank you for the tag @Cyndi wilkins, wonderful post, yes, let us bee compassionate, when we take well care of anger, it can be transformed in a more positive emotion. It is a cry for attention, we need to listen to it. It is part of being human.

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Cyndi wilkins 1/10/2017 · #43

#41 @Martin Wright...I love how you take the frustration of dealing with scammers and turn it into brilliant detective work;-) If anyone out there is receiving emails for jobs that sound too good to be true, I suggest you click on Martin's link and do a little detective work of your own! Thanks for sharing that Martin;-)

Cyndi wilkins 1/10/2017 · #42

Thank you for the share @CityVP 🐝 Manjit...I think this is a very important conversation for everyone to be having within all relationships...personal and professional. And most especially with our they are growing up in this new age of technology...learning to communicate with clarity and respect is key for their success in any circumstance....Once you put it out there, you cannot just take it back;-)

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