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Respect, Simplicity and Humility

Respect, Simplicity and Humility

I read a fabulous buzz this afternoon  by our very own Phil Johnson. I have to admit to you Phil, what drew me in to your buzz was the wonderful title..."Energy Vampire University"...I am a long time believer in the energy vampire and have gone to great lengths to protect myself from them, especially as I am a body worker and transference of energy is a very 'real' component of my work...The last thing I need is taking on what I refer to as OPS...(other people's shit!)

The comment I made to Phil's buzz made such an impact on me that it has been reverberating in my thoughts continuously throughout  my day...So much in fact that I felt the comment itself needed to be posted as a 'stand alone' buzz...I also have to say my thoughts were influenced here by the many exchanges I have shared with Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee...You were in my heart and mind as I commented on this buzz dear sir;-)

My comment to Phil:

Excellent buzz @Phil Johnson, MBL and Brand Ambassador @beBee... "We have a primal urge to 'FEEL' safe...If we feel safe we will take risks, we will innovate, and we will embrace change. If we don’t trust our leaders none of that will happen."

We can all begin to cultivate this attitude within ourselves first and pass it on to our own children...The fruit doesn't fall far from the tree. The days of corporal punishment have served to create an under current of anxiety, fear and abusive behavior within our society...It is time for us to nurture our creative processes and trust in our intuition...People suffer because they fear the consequences of non-compliance.

We live in a society of fear and aggression as a means of control...where power and wealth has been transferred from the many to the very few. The destabilization of the emotional system is very much an intended result by those in positions of power and they wish to keep it that way... This has created a tear in the fabric of the cognitive process.

There is a desperate need for a shift in perspective for us all in order to stabilize the 'breakdown of the system'...Increasing our own self-awareness and cultivating emotional intelligence is a necessary element for creating that change...and with it brings a greater sense of peace and clarity to the mind...And who couldn't use some peace of mind these days;-)


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Cyndi wilkins 22/10/2017 · #27

@CityVP 🐝 Manjit...You have inspired this comment that seems to fit perfectly within this buzz...Thank you;-)

Being in a constant mental/emotional state of fear and aggression, be it conscious or unconscious, creates changes in our physiological function by increasing discharges in the sympathetic/parasympathetic nervous systems, laying the ground work for impending disease and dysfunction...The severity of dysfunction depends upon the length of time spent in this state of emotional turmoil and it's intensity. By holding on to pain and trauma and focusing on the fear being generated by 'rogue rage' we keep the process going in a continual feedback loop of negatively charged energy.

We have the ability to self-manage our emotions by focusing on positively charged techniques to reinforce our own neural pathways...With this in mind, it becomes very clear to us just how powerful our own minds are and how they can be used against us as a means of control by others with deceptive intentions. So when someone says to me..."What can I possibly do to help the state of the world...I am just one person." I say there's a hellava lot you can do!

If we all focused on regulating our psychological/physiological function by regular practice of positive reinforcement techniques, we will significantly influence our perception of the world and our experience of it...We need to have a vision beyond the current state of the world to create a positive impact.

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Cyndi wilkins 22/10/2017 · #26

#24 I hear ya @Pamela 🐝 Williams...People tend to recoil at that very thought of it...But I think this is becoming more and more clear to people as being fact rather than fiction as we witness the power struggle going on within the global elite and their blatant disregard for human life when it comes to "Who's King of the Hill"...Our Democracy has been undermined and our futures hijacked by a 'slave system' of corruption of the media and monopolization power and money.

The fear that has been created within the human emotional system is the 'weapon of mass destruction' all these leaders keep claiming they have developed and will use against any foreign invaders...There are no foreign invaders...We are our own worst enemies when it comes to our knee-jerk reactions to fear...If any of these sociopaths at the helm launched 'the big one' it is sure suicide...A global game of chicken.

Our primary responsibility here is to evolve ourselves from the inside raising our awareness to the fact that we have the power over our own personal decisions that directly impacts our lives and the lives of every living soul affected by those decisions...A sort of 'grass roots' movement to consciously create a ripple effect throughout the human psyche...With enough of us focusing our thoughts on cleaning our own emotional closets perhaps we can shift perceptions and create the circuit necessary to open the flow of new ideas...The power is in the minds of the people...It is time to take it back...

#25 Ditto @Lisa Vanderburg;-)

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Lisa Vanderburg 22/10/2017 · #25

@Cyndi wilkins lovely lady, you never fail to enlighten me; this is stunning!

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Pamela 🐝 Williams 22/10/2017 · #24

Wow Cyndi; this has been my theory for a while but ironically it was fear of a "conspiracy theorist" label
"We live in a society of fear and aggression as a means of control...where power and wealth has been transferred from the many to the very few. The destabilization of the emotional system is very much an intended result by those in positions of power and they wish to keep it that way... This has created a tear in the fabric of the cognitive process."
It has been in process for awhile; fear is a great weapon; I question to what lengths leaders will go to instill and maintain that fear.

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Cyndi wilkins 23/9/2017 · #23

#22 If you have a can take a peek at my website...I included a link at the bottom of the page...You might find some of the blog posts interesting;-) Thanks again for your input Mac!

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Mac Gives 22/9/2017 · #22

#21 Interestingly said, Cyndi! Looking forward to seeing more of your work :)

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Cyndi wilkins 22/9/2017 · #21

#20 Thank you Mac;-) What I've learned through my years as a bodywork specialist is the people we refer to as the 'energy vampires' tend to dump their own emotional short comings (or shit) onto others so as to lighten their load and make themselves feel better.

I always remind them, and myself for that matter, when you dump your trash in someone else's yard it will surely blow back into yours;-)

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Mac Gives 22/9/2017 · #20

"People suffer because they fear the consequences of non-compliance."

Well said, Cyndi! I also loved what you called Other People's Shit (OPS) hahahaha that is pure gold.

Thanks for writing this!

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