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Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry

" Mathematical rhythm applies to everything. The frequency at which we vibrate equates to what manifests in our lives."

The Physics of Vibration-

What exactly is 'vibration' and how does it effect our every day lives? The signals we emit via our thought waves are the vibrations that connect us to a universal field of energy. The frequency at which we vibrate equates to what manifests in our lives.

Think of music in terms of 'Sacred Geometry'. The vibrations activated within the listener opens a frequency that manifests outwardly in the landscape of our lives through the gift of our emotions. Sometimes the melodies are happy and sometimes they are sad. But we, the composers of the music, get to choose the songs we sing. It is the work of 'Metatron's Cube' as it journeys throughout the universe seeking energetic balance in us.

Right now, we are all emitting fear as a collective. That is why we are seeing our current 'global situation' evolving at warp speed. If we would all just take the time we have been gifted...YES, I said 'gifted' seize this opportunity to learn how to manage our emotions, we can collectively put a stop to the hysteria.

We are flailing right now because we have never been taught how to manage ourselves 'energetically'. If we take a closer look into the existential crisis we all now fear, we will see it's roots are deeply embedded in the emotion of loss. What we fear more than an invisible virus is the loss of control over our lives.

So Let's Get Creative!

It is time to take a good long look at what needs restructuring in our lives. The more we focus our thoughts in one direction the more we will influence a more desirable outcome that serves all of us.


So nurture yourselves right now and honor the way that you feel. Hug your children more and reconnect with your family.

It is okay to be fearful...We certainly have good reason to be at this time...But what each of us can do to help ease the burden of this situation is to find ways to soothe ourselves and our families through the discomfort. 

Just as you might take a warm bath to soothe your aching muscles, you can do the same to ease your aching mind. Listen to some joyful music. Watch a fun movie with your kids. Play ball in the park or dust off those old board games and have a friendly round of Monopoly;-) Now is the time for 'old school' fun!

You have no excuse right now to not take care of yourself!

You may also enjoy this recent piece I wrote in collaboration with my friend Kevin Baker...Within it we share our thoughts and  insights for creating 'Cadence in Communication'...

"Every song we sing is a transference of energy to the world around us. Our lives therefore, are an original work of art, full of amazing ideas to convey and arrange as we choose."    -Cyndi

I wish you all peace and wellness as we pass through this 'transferrence' of energy together...I'll see you on the other side;-)

Cyndi wilkins May 7, 2020 · #56

#55 What a beautiful thought @Harvey Lloyd...It really is all about acceptance of the things we cannot change we can...and the wisdom to know the difference...I may not have control over my environment, but I have control over the way I feel and 'think' about it....Exactly;-)

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Harvey Lloyd Apr 10, 2020 · #55

I read this and immediately thought, Serenity Prayer. Understanding what we have control over verses where we only have influence. This brought me into the sphere of critical thinking. The harder edge of what your post is pointing towards. In times of crisis critical thinking helps us scrap away the false arguments fear presents.

I have control over me and influence over the environment i live. Leverage both with all the focus fear presents.

If we can grasp what you speak here and the control/influence paradigm then we can display ourselves in a way that inspires others.

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Savvy Raj Apr 10, 2020 · #54

@Cyndi wilkins I am reading a post on Bebee after quite a while and this resonates deeply. Thank you for sharing.

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Cyndi wilkins Mar 31, 2020 · #53

#52 That's the message...There's nowhere to run. Be well Fatima...I'll meet you on the other side of chaos;-)

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🐝 Fatima G. Williams Mar 31, 2020 · #52

#50 @Cyndi wilkins Thank you Cyndi girl. I am doing good staying put and my family is staying safe. Hope your daughter and you are staying safe.

This is a beautiful post and just at the right time. You are right in saying that we have never been taught or allowed ourselves to think about what we would do in these situations. As for people like me living far away from family in a distant land, I need to reinvent myself and think of new ways to get going.

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Zacharias 🐝 Voulgaris Mar 31, 2020 · #51

How do I upload an image here? Thanks

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Cyndi wilkins Mar 31, 2020 · #50

Thanks for the share my sweet gal @🐝 Fatima G. Williams...I hope you and your family are well...

I'm sending you love and light as always;-)

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Fay Vietmeier Mar 26, 2020 · #49

@Cyndi wilkins
I welcome your prayers Cyndi ... I will continue to keep your friend in prayer for healing and a strong spirit ... peace through this trial

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