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The Apollo Paradigm

The Apollo Paradigm

"To create a shift in mindset, one must be willing to act upon and embrace new ways of thinking."

Cyndi Wilkins
This post has evolved from the very many comments I have had the pleasure of exchanging with Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee on his most recent post, "Removing Hurting Memory Stains" which again, was borne of comments from my latest post "Mind Management." 

If you are new to the conversation, you may want to review the discussions in either post as it will be very helpful in understanding the shifts in consciousness I will be presenting here for your consideration.

In order to understand the true nature of our pain we must first understand its origin. in this article I am speaking primarily of post traumatic pain, be it physical or emotional. Past trauma is exactly that...past. My intention is not to dismiss the traumas that many of us have suffered, some more horrific than others. What I am suggesting here is that the pain from our past that is being dragged into the present is our own responsibility.

When you are hurt, you can become very angry. Unless we address our pain in the moment, we will bury it...time and time again, until it becomes a thickened sludge at the bottom of the cauldron. With every emotion, every perception, every experience of pain that follows, that sludge begins to simmer at the bottom of the pot and will eventually bubble to the surface.

With each uprising of this energy we are given an opportunity to address or ignore it. The longer it sits in the 'cauldron of consciousness' the more difficult it becomes to address because of our continual recycling of its energy...We build layers upon layers until eventually we have walled ourselves off from the rest of the world in a desperate attempt to protect ourselves from feeling any more pain. This process does not spare you just prolongs it.

 Unfortunately, we were never taught in school how to cope with stress or the chronic pain it can create. Life goes beyond reading, writing and arithmetic.  Coping mechanisms for stress are very basic life skills we should be teaching our children in grammar school. What we have taught our children and ourselves is that when something hurts we medicate it...and I won't even go into the vicious cycle that creates or I'll go right down that rabbit hole!

So let us shift this mindset and start a dialogue with ourselves by acknowledging that part of us that suffers. When we are in pain we need to be embraced and comforted. The transformation begins when you have compassion for yourself and the pain you have created by spinning the wheels of the past. If you examine the situation closely enough you will see that those who have hurt you are most likely recipients of that same 'habit energy' of pain repeating itself within a familial pattern.

That is 'recognition'...Now we have opened the lid. What spills out is not going to feel good, so we will need to nurture ourselves with the energies of compassion for what we have been through...and also extend that compassion to the others who have hurt us, as they too, have most likely experienced the same degree of trauma.

When we stop blaming others for our pain we stop cultivating it. That is the 'release'...We are releasing the energy of blame. In doing so we transform everyone of our ancestors who have shared in transmitting that painful pattern of behavior. We have now set in motion what I am referring to as the 'Apollo Paradigm' within the conscious fabric of our ancestral family for future generations  of offspring.

What an amazing legacy of love and compassion you are now creating!  Sounds too simple right? Well, it actually is. We all have the capacity to to do this. The difficulty is in doing it when the need arises...and it will, again and again throughout our lives.  So be patient with yourself and dare to try something new. It has no side effects, other than perhaps finally allowing yourself to feel better;-)

Apollo, being the Greek God of light and healing, is the perfect representative for this transformation of energy. 

Be The One Brave Enough To Fix What Is Broken...

I dedicate this buzz to my favorite PhD and friend in conscious growth Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee. Thank you kindly for your continuing inspiration;-)


Cyndi wilkins Jul 2, 2019 · #88

#87 Absolutely @🐝 Fatima G. Williams!...Creating those 'new loops' requires as much or perhaps even more reinforcement than the 'old loops' we are trying to replace...I knew music would be a part of your journey as well as the self-dialogue..It is worth mentioning here that learning to play a musical instrument, (singing is included as your voice is a most magnificent instrument) boosts cognition, memory, problem solving skills and motor function...not to mention a higher IQ, as music passively trains all of these areas of the brain;-)

As well, I love my salt lamps in my home and office for the warming tones they emit throughout my 'space'...But when I need something more for a total body experience, the salt bath is perfect...A great treat for me as I live near the ocean...However sea salt baths work wonders too;-)

The single most important piece of this whole puzzle I believe is the self-dialogue...Without that affirmation and support of ones self we cannot move forward...Self-reflection is a mandatory part of the journey...We can either do it now and move forward with our evolution, or we can do it at the end of our lives...and if we're lucky, perhaps we'll get another chance work through this thing called life;-)

🐝 Fatima G. Williams Jun 30, 2019 · #87

#86 Hello my dear Cyndi girl @Cyndi wilkins Reinforcement plays a very major part in cultivating the new loop or it’s just like a new sapling without sunlight or the required fertilizers. I’ve found salt therapy very effective and it’s mostly during a salt bath with some soothing mindfulness music and Reinforcing positive thoughts through writing a dialogue with yourself. Writing a dialogue is an affirmation to ourselves of the things we truly believe in and i think it’s mostly because our words come from a deeper consciousness of the things we truly wanna be, but just too afraid to do or admit.

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Cyndi wilkins Jun 27, 2019 · #86

#84 A follow up to your comment @🐝 Fatima G. Williams..."I read Apollo 2 the techniques you've mentioned I've personally tried 2 of them and yes they work."

I'm curious about which two techniques you have found successful for you? Perhaps when you have a moment you could share your experience with them for those who may be on the verge of experimenting;-)

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Cyndi wilkins Jun 27, 2019 · #85

#84 I am so very happy that you made your way to these posts and contributed your lovely voice to this discussion...And I absolutely agree @🐝 Fatima G. Williams...these memories never go away permanently...for they are a part of our experience here in 'physicality'...However, when we become aware of these 'negative thought loops' and can shift them in the moments we are 'triggered' we initiate changes in our neural pathways to create new patterns of thought.

The more we practice a healthier mindset, the more we reinforce that 'new loop' and we eventually find the negative trigger loses its 'charge' on our emotional bodies. Not an easy thing to do when someone or something makes you angry or upset...But those are the moments to seize the opportunity for positive change;-) Nice to see you my dear lady Fatima!

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🐝 Fatima G. Williams Jun 26, 2019 · #84

Be The One Brave Enough To Fix What Is Broken... Love it @Cyndi wilkins I find this article a gem to anyone dealing with such situations and seems like every other person in the room including ourselves is in that situation every one of these days!
All of what you say absolutely has been proved to work but what I've noticed is it never goes away permanently ! I read Apollo 2 the techniques you've mentioned I've personally tried 2 of them and yes they work. The effect of what ever we do in the healing process for pain, blame, mindset shifts are effective during the practice and may be a few days or months but it is easy for the negative thought patterns to crawl back in during to our default mind state. I agree that this is a daily practice to be carried throughout a lifetime. I am still reading and exploring this topic and I find the comments on both articles very experience oriented which adds authenticity to the crux of this post. Super happy to read some thing so fruitful from the lovely Cyndi girl :)

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Cyndi wilkins Jun 21, 2019 · #83

#82 @Praveen Raj Gullepalli...You are absolutely correct in that the 'process' of recovery is 'not an easy thing at all'...However, the 'shift' in ones mindset absolutely is...It is a choice we make in every moment we are 'triggered' to ACT instead of RE_ACT to a certain stimulus...The difficulty is in maintaining the 'awareness' that we are being triggered and then perhaps apply this magnificent list of questions you have provided to your daily practice. And yes...there must be a ready, willing and ableness to do so.

Make no mistake about it...This is a daily practice to be carried throughout a lifetime...So another question I might ask...Is it better to journey through life with your roll away luggage jam packed full of emotional baggage??..Or would you like an opportunity to downsize to a 'carry-on' bag?

If you are so inclined to do so, I have listed in a follow-up piece to this article some very practical ways (I personally found very helpful while excavating my own inner demons) to assist in transitioning through these changes...ALSO keep in mind here, the deeper the trauma, the more digging we will need to do to free ourselves from the chains of our past...There is no 'magic bullet' to self-awareness...and you will need the proper tools in order to embark on such a journey...

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Praveen Raj Gullepalli Jun 21, 2019 · #82

Be The One Brave Enough To Fix What Is Broken...

It is not at all an easy thing to do Cyndi. But no denying that it is critical to rationalise 'after the fact' however unpleasant and traumatic...for the inward focused gateway of compassion / acceptance to open. It is necessary for the individual to be in the correct frame of mind/mood. Inquisitive, receptive, dispassionate - before the 'inquiry' begins. Many baulk. Most of us cannot summon up the courage.

Some questions to help with the 'inquest':

Why did that happen to me?
Was there a purpose?
Could I have done anything to prevent the situation or change the outcome?
Is it of any practical use rewinding and reliving the past?
Can I forgive those I blame?
Will the emotional baggage help me in any way?
Have I allowed it to strengthen me or weaken me?
Is my pain plain to see for others?
Is it better being a wounded soldier or a recovering/recovered warrior?

One much respected thinker and mystic in Mumbai used to ask this one question of anyone who would come to him seeking answers and engage with them according to the nature of the answer.

First ask yourself - Who am I? - and tell me.

Sometimes it is good to ask ourselves that question. It kicks off a chain reaction of introspection that traverses (and transcends) the mind-body-feeling triad and unleashes a process of elimination (Neti- Not that, Not that...finally Not Me...Not Me...) that sometimes opens the doors of perception to something wonderful and miraculous.

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Gerald Hecht Jun 20, 2019 · #81

#80 Yep! @Cyndi wilkins --the way that even the "most difficult work" feels --when one is in control of the wheels is "slow motion fun". I know so many people who berate themselves as slackers because that's what they are experiencing. Even the objective proof of incredible productivity while in that state often is unable to assuage their "self-incrimination"...

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