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The Apollo Paradigm: Phase 2

The Apollo Paradigm: Phase 2

Co- Creators in Consciousness:

This buzz is an expansion of ideas shared within the rich soil of the comments section of my latest article, "Apollo Paradigm' and another, 'Hurting Memory Stains' by Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee, which has inspired the conception of this piece of a very grand puzzle.

Two comments in particular served to channel the flow of energy for this buzz...One by Ian Weinberg in which he reminds us of the importance of a 'readiness' to engage above all else. There can be no readiness without a willingness to take action. That would just be setting us up for failure. You would not run into a burning building without the proper tools to extinguish the fire. So we will need to put in a place an effective support system to assist us in moving through the challenges related to change. 

Another suggestion by Gerald Hecht mentioned the two previous articles "should be read as One."   I agree Gerald...There is an interesting dynamic manifesting here as a 'business strategist' meets a 'body strategist' and merges as ONE in a beautiful marriage of 'Science and Spirituality.'

Just like a beautiful sunrise of a new day, we walk hand in hand in collaborative consciousness, sharing in active engagement for the manifestation of new horizons to explore...with each interaction serving as a new universe unto itself.

We are co- creating conscious shifts in our patterns of single mindedness and liberating ourselves from the confines of limiting beliefs while blazing new trails of innovative thinking and doing. Consciousness itself is an interconnectedness within all living systems leading to profound changes in ourselves, in our environment and in our entire universe.

Sharing dialogue with a calm inner presence and open-mindedness activates the inner wisdom embodied within each conversation. Encouraging 'positivity' as the directional flow of energy, especially when confronting  conflicting attitudes, allows us to walk more freely through our difficulties to navigate our way to effective solutions.

The intention is to move us beyond a fearful reactive state to an active flow state of cohesive communication. When an interaction gives rise to defensiveness or aggression, it is our signal to take pause and pay attention to how we are feeling and investigate 'internally' what has stimulated such a response.

Just the act of 'taking pause' moves you from 're-action' to 'action' by creating the space needed to make a shift in your thought process. By choosing a positive direction for the flow of your thoughts, you have literally set in motion a transformation of your neuro-physiology. I am referring to this shift as the 'Apollo Paradigm'...(See Apollo 1)

Studies have shown a visible 'jump' in the neural circuits of the brain scans of 'short-term' and 'long-term' pain patients. The scans of the long-term pain patients showed a switch in gears from the sensory circuits to those of the emotional centers of the brain where cognitive disorders such as anxiety and depression develop.

Making a shift in consciousness in the moments we are 'triggered'  reorganizes our thoughts. This literally shifts our neural circuits and sets up a new 'bio-field' through which we are able to interact with the world on a different level of thinking and doing and rise to the challenges of day to day living.

Once we have broken through our negative thought patterns, what do we do with them?

Negative thought loops not only have a detrimental effect on our behavior patterns, they also have a profound impact on our physical bodies. Once we have established a ready, willing and 'ableness' to engage, we will need effective bodily support to help move this energy through us. Here are a few techniques I found very helpful for me, and my clients as well, to manage the discomfort you may encounter as you work through this transition.

Massage For Trigger Points:

Myofascial trigger points are the most common cause of musculoskeletal pain. As I often find in my bodywork practice, these pain points are often associated with the  'muscle memory' of an emotionally charged event. Locating and inactivating these points to address pain at its source releases the hard contractions on the muscle fibers to relieve even the most longstanding conditions. Results obviously vary from person to person, but most experience significant improvement in their symptoms.

Frequencies: Auditory Therapy

Re-synchronize your brain waves by using binaural beats to gently balance your brain states and open your chakras to increase proper energetic flow throughout the body/mind complex.  Research has found that the use of binaural beats in the alpha, theta, and delta patterns has a positive effect on the body/mind by decreasing anxiety/depression and increasing quality of life.


The techniques used in Acupuncture have been profoundly influenced by the beliefs and practices of traditional Chinese medicine.In Chinese philosophy, it is believed that there is a flow of energy that permeates everything. If this energetic flow is blocked or slowed, a stagnation occurs and creates various symptoms often resulting in illness or injury.

Magnet therapy: 

Magnet therapy can be used in much the same way as acupuncture by positioning magnets along meridians or energy channels to promote circulation and proper energetic flow throughout the body. It is a useful, non-invasive solution to effecting the same healing results as the needles themselves.


There are many ways to create a daily meditative practice...It need not be done for long periods sitting in a lotus position. This is a daily practice that can be as simple as taking a quiet walk in nature while doing some deep diaphragmatic breathing along the way to draw oxygen into your body.

Ionization therapy:

Another easy one! Get a salt lamp for your home or office. They make a great decorative piece while emitting negatively charged ions to reduce pollutants in your air space.

Reinforce positive thoughts through writing a dialogue with yourself.

At the end of each day, even if you've had the 'worst day ever' try to find SOMETHING positive about it. The fact that you woke up at all is a good start! With daily practice we will begin to step into our 'new skin' (Lisa Vanderburg will totally relate to that one!) and learn to listen more and talk less while having profound respect for the perspectives of others along the path to healing.


This is a journey we are ALL making...
Let us put our best foot forward in collaborative effort to leave a lasting legacy for all of us to be proud of.
 My hope is that you, my brethren, may find embedded within these words your place in the sun...

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"The music of the soul

gives life to the universe,

Flight to the IMAGINATION



Tausif Mundrawala Jun 18, 2019 · #36

#35 Well the pleasure is absolutely mine. Due to some reasons I was unable to be on this platform but after voraciously reading for these past months I couldn't resist myself coming back here. Am glad that you liked my comments, my friend, @Cyndi Wilkins

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Cyndi wilkins Jun 18, 2019 · #35

#34 Pretty much everyone I have ever known is afraid of the 'dark' or the unknown...That is until we flip the lights on;-)

Fear is the imposter that hinders us from BELIEVING that everything is achievable. Internalized fear creates a feedback loop of pattern behavior where we continually doubt our abilities to accomplish our goals. Narcissists are masters at using fear inducing behavior as a means of controlling their prey...Our best defense against such a predator as fear (or darkness) is inflicting a little light on the subject....and sometimes that means diving down into the deep to retrieve the pieces swept away in the current...When you 'feel' yourself being triggered by your circumstances, you are being called upon by YOURSELF to take a closer look into what lies beneath.

Thanks agian @Tausif Mundrawala...I'm so happy to be the first to benefit by your return to the hives;-)

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Tausif Mundrawala Jun 18, 2019 · #34

The fear of unknown stiffen our nerves so that the block system is unable to act on those strategies which we are capable to execute. Each and every one of us has lots to share but due to this hindrance we are unable to achieve anything. We should nurture our minds with the firm believance that with optimism everything is achievable and by fixation to this fact we would achieve unachievable in our life. I couldn't resist myself reading and commenting on this second part of the previous buzz of yours, my friend, @Cindy Wilkins. Let me what you think of my comment.

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Cyndi wilkins Jun 16, 2019 · #33

#32 Absolutely agree...@Ian Weinberg is another one of the 'Masters of Mindfulness' helping all of us to navigate the mine field of mindsets;-)

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Deas Plant Jun 15, 2019 · #32

Hi, Cyndi Wilkins.
A GOOD article. Thank you.

"The willingness to change"?????????????????

Most people have little or no idea regarding how change comes about or indeed just how SMALL an influence can start change.

Something as simple as just thinking about change - OR thinking about NOT changing - can begin a change.

This is probably a good thing 'cos most people get into 'comfort zones' and don't want to leave them. BUTTTT, they HAFTA leave them in order to grow.

Cést la vie.

Pretty smart fella, that Ian Weinberg. I'm glad that he managed to get you scrub some of the 'rust' off your thinking equipment to pen this article.

Just my 0.02.

You have a wonderful day. Best wishes. Deas Plant.

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Cyndi wilkins Jun 12, 2019 · #31

#30 Thank you for your kind support Swati Khandelwal;-)

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Swati Khandelwal Jun 10, 2019 · #30

so amazing, creative of nature mindblowing.

+2 +2

#28 I am enjoying the discussions so much dear @Cyndi wilkins. I learn from you my friend and from all commenters. It is a collaborative journey to learning.

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