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The Art of Healing

The Art of Healing

The art of healing is practiced by many people from all levels of society. They range from those with an intimate knowledge of medicinal plants, natural home remedies and nutritional supplementation to those with expertise in traditional medical practices.

Our overall health depends on the delicate balance of all of our systems...biologic and energetic. There is no 'one size fits all' when it comes to our health...particularly in medicine. Where one may benefit greatly from drug therapy for a common ailment, another with similar symptoms may react adversely. The same is true for alternative therapies, however any side effects from natural therapies are not likely to kill you.

The holistic approach to healing is to integrate the whole person and encourage them to actively participate in their own healing process. This is something we have all lost sight of in the world of the 'pill mill' we have been living in. Now is time for us all to begin tending to our own gardens.

Chronic physical, mental/emotional stress and strain causes the break down of all systems and drains us of our natural energies to fight dis-ease.The syntropic nature of energy medicine is LIFE energy focusing on LIFE to create and maintain the health of all it's systems.

We all have the natural ability to initiate the neural changes in our brains necessary for combating the distress signals we send our bodies by raising our awareness of the triggers and re-synchronizing the signals we are sending. The greater the energy we have available to focus on the various systems affected, the better the health benefits will be.

This does not mean going back to the well and reliving your past traumas...It simply means moving forward with a new perspective on what lies ahead and leaving the past behind you...where it belongs;-)

A good therapist/practitioner will take the passenger seat and facilitate your healing process while leaving the driving to you. You will be guided to access these subtle fields of energy simply by allowing yourself to tap into the different levels of consciousness within your own being to bring you in touch with the root of your discomfort and give yourself permission to let it go.

Self-awareness offers us the deepest level of control over the anxiety and stress we experience in our daily lives. With depression affecting one in 20 people around the world, it would seem imperative for all of us to develop and evolve to a deeper understanding of ourselves from the inside out.

Perhaps beginning with a regular practice of a little more meditating and a lot less medicating would be a good place to start. The unconscious mind is a fertile ground of wisdom for us all of us to feed on...Think of it as Mother Nature's universal sandbox created for all of her children to play in. There's room for everyone...So please do drop in for a spell;-)

About the Author:

I am a licensed and Certified Massage and Bodywork Professional, Writer and Energetic Channel in the Greater Boston, Massachusetts Area...

Please visit my website/blog page for more interesting articles about my work in health and healing...Be well...Mind, Body and Soul;-)

Cyndi wilkins 11/8/2018 · #18

#17 That says it in a nutshell doesn't it @Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador?...And throw in a piece of dark chocolate for good measure;-)

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Excellent article @Cyndi wilkins. Your statement "Perhaps beginning with a regular practice of a little more meditating and a lot less medicating would be a good place to start" says it all.

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Ken Boddie 9/8/2018 · #16

#15 Delicious, delectable and delightful, Cyndi. 👍

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Cyndi wilkins 8/8/2018 · #15

#12 I even have a potential name for a moment of meditation group...How does 'Life By Chocolate' sound @Ken Boddie??

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Cyndi wilkins 8/8/2018 · #14

Thank you so much for stepping out of retirement for a moment to lend us your voice @Ian Weinberg...However, retirement and you do not seem to belong in the same sentence...But I'm sure your lovely wife would disagree;-)

You have just given me a grand idea as I too tend to focus more of my time and attention on others, surely at my own peril sometimes. I do need a bit of an incentive to give MYSELF my undivided attention...and my body chooses pain as it's messenger when I am asleep at the wheel;-)

I think from now on I will consciously choose chocolate as my incentive to have a 'heart to heart' with myself and only nibble on it after I have given myself that alone time to sit and let my brain rest for a few moments...That will cover incentive and reward;-)

Sounds like a plan aye @Ken Boddie!!! Maybe we can start our own online meditation 'moment of silence' Lol!

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Ian Weinberg 8/8/2018 · #13

#12 Appears that my beBee 'family' has hauled me out of retirement to respond! Well, everything stated by @Cyndi wilkins , @Harvey Lloyd and by my mate DownUnder are relevant. So I'll just offer my piece to perhaps contextualize things as I see them. Indeed we've inherited a nature-nurture heritage and subsequent narrative which gives rise to our subjective beliefs (including limiting beliefs) as well as emotional 'tags'. Subsequent triggering of appropriate circuitry elicits a similar belief as well as emotional response. In the ideal situation, to change the response requires re-wiring the circuit together with the emotional tag. Practically the re-wiring (neuroplasticity) depends on the intrinsic potential for re-wiring and behavioral change. Additionally we know that dopamine is essential for re-wiring. The dopamine functions required for re-wiring are curiosity, engagement and reward. Neurophysiologically we have 3 areas in favor of re-wiring (dopamine centres, pre-frontal reasoning centre and value-contributing oxytocin centres) versus one counter-productive centre, the amygdala (fear-anxiety-anger). The intervention therefore requires rapport (oxytocin sensitivity), engagement (reasoning), curiosity and experienced reward gratification from the re-wiring - obviously against a background of abundant chocolate! It's actually such a pleasure chatting with you guys in this space. It doesn't really matter how much bot detritus appears here on beBee, it's still a congenial space (in the words of Phil) to interact.

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Ken Boddie 8/8/2018 · #12

I seem to have accidentally removed my comment, Cyndi, so here goes again. Pardon my engineer’s apparent flippancy on matters medical, but I guess whatever doubles the dose of dopamine while avoiding annoying the amygdale can't be half bad. Furthermore, if all else fails, I have it on good medical authority to “eat chocolate”. What say you @Ian Weinberg?

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Cyndi wilkins 8/8/2018 · #10

#9 You are absolutely right @Harvey Lloyd...It most certainly is a vulnerable place to be when faced with yourself. Tending to your own needs as you dare step beyond that which known to you is very frightening. But the path to transformation is exactly that...overcoming our fears. And allowing ourselves to be vulnerable in the process.

Wanting what we want is not enough when sharing a relationship....In business as well as in personal relationships. There must be a neutral ground of transference...where you can share your common concerns as a 'partnership' and not be afraid to express your deepest individual concerns without the fear of upsetting the other.

Cultivating a healthy mind set is the way to mitigate any unnecessary suffering when we experience the 'growing pains' of life. If we deal with the emotions attached to any crisis at the time they roll into our lives, instead of tucking them away into some secret compartment of the mind...we are better able to deal with the next crisis that comes along.

It's the crisis itself that offers us the best opportunity to make that shift... or re-wire that synaptic bridge if you will...It's easy to manage your emotions when you're happy...right? But it's a different ballgame when you are ticked off and unhappy...That's why there is so much power in it if you can focus enough to pull it off...and not let your cerebral cortex drown in all the drama...I think it may have been @Ian Weinberg that said, "Skillful being must precede all doing." If it wasn't him, I'm giving him the credit anyway;-)

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