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3 Ways Manufacturing Companies Can Give Back

3 Ways Manufacturing Companies Can Give Back

There is more to business than impressive profit margins and significant tax returns. Any good business aims at having a good reputation as well as client loyalty. Making the society a much better place to live in and boosting the morale of the employees also form part of the company goals for any responsible business.

Global automation and order fulfillment in the manufacturing industries has made it possible to work with a few employees as opposed to the old labor intensive ways of manufacturing. This development has made it possible for companies to improve their employees' welfare. However, it has resulted in a few more unemployed guys than previously witnessed.

The good news is that manufacturing plants are aware of this. They have developed and nurtured a culture of identifying a need in the society, with the help of community leaders and coming up with solutions where applicable. Here are three ways that manufacturing giants can give back to society.

1. Gifts-In-Kind

The manufacturing organization is more predisposed to non-cash donations. It is easier for them to donate the products that are in their line of business. Makes a lot of business sense. The success of this method is largely dependent on the need to be fulfilled.

The goods or services donation have to be relevant, the best way of matching the donations to the needs is by working with the local community leaders and developing a wish list. Typically, a clothes manufacturer will comfortably donate sporting gear to the local football club, while a food processing plant will give food supplies to orphanages or hospitals. The majority of organizations will give in line with their core business activities.

2. Employees gift matching program

This method is comfortable and quite attractive since it is initiated by employees. The program gives the employees a voice on how the company can spend its charity dollars. Many manufacturing companies such as Whirlpool, Samsung, and Nokia have matching programs. The employees identify a cause in the society they feel they can support, or a nonprofit organization can send a company its wish list. The workers make their donations, which are in turn matched by the employer on a 1:1 ration or even more. Kraft foods match all per