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Technology and Real Estate Agents

Technology and Real Estate Agents

When it comes to the real estate business, the competition is fierce to say the least. With more and more people entering the field each year, it's tougher than ever for real estate agents to build their business. However, for those who embrace the latest technology, the results can be extraordinary. Whether you're an established agent or one just beginning a new career, taking advantage of today's real estate technology can help you stay ahead of the competition.

Mobile Devices

In today's world, using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets is a way of life in business, and real estate is no exception. Because both buyers and sellers expect quick answers to their questions, if you are listing your home as for sale by owner or using a real estate agent you need to be available nearly every minute of every day. Therefore, agents need mobile devices such as smartphones for a variety of purposes, including responding to emails, text messages, instant messages, and voicemails. Along with this, the smartphone's camera can be used for taking videos or pictures of properties that can then be uploaded to a website such as the Georgia MLS. By having these capabilities, agents can be free to be out of the office, since a laptop or desktop computer won't be needed.


For agents to take full advantage of their mobile devices, it's important to download the latest real estate apps. As more apps have been developed the past several years, real estate agents can find plenty of apps to help them grow their business. One of the most popular apps among agents is HouseHunter, an app designed for the iPhone. Created to let real estate agents and customers work together to find the perfect home, this app uses customized ratings provided by a buyer to rate potential homes they may be interested in purchasing. Other helpful apps for agents include GreatSchools and Houzz, both of which are made for an iPhone or iPad. For buyers who want to know about nearby schools, GreatSchools offers information on school systems as well as parent reviews. Meanwhile, Houzz focuses on helping buyers find the latest interior design options for their home by providing information from many of the world's leading designers.

Real Estate in the Clouds

To take full advantage of all technology has to offer when it comes to real estate, smart agents use cloud services. Allowing agents to share information with each other from