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Why Your Homes Curb Appeal is Important for it to Sell

Why Your Homes Curb Appeal is Important for it to Sell

Whether you use a realtor, or decide to go for sale by owner. If your curb appeal is less than stellar, your home will sit on the market a lot longer than you want. Buyers won’t want to see it. If you put yourself in their shoes, consider how you’d feel seeing a home without curb appeal. Even if the interior is flawless, chances are good you won’t see past the peeling exterior paint, the dirty walkway, the chipping door paint, and the overgrown garden. Curb appeal is the basis from which all first impressions are made, and your home’s curb appeal is what lends to the sale of your home.

It’s What Buyers See First

First impressions aren’t easy to change. When you see a home for the first time and it’s unkempt and unattractive, you probably assume the entire house looks the same way. Even if the interior is perfectly clean, updated, and upscale, it might not be an interior your see. Say you are online looking for homes to buy. You see two similar in square footage and other upgrades, and you check out the photos. One has perfect landscaping. One has landscaping that looks as if it’s been ignored for years. The first thing you do is cross the poorly landscaped house off your list in favor of the home with the better landscaping. When you think of that home, you’re going to think unfavorably because of the impression the lawn left on you.

It Brings in Buyers

Curb appeal is often the first reason people want to see a home. The first photos they see of a home for sale online are usually photos of the front with its great curb appeal. If you’re driving around looking at homes for sale, you might see a home for sale with great curb appeal and decide you want to see the rest of the home. This is opposed to a home with poor landscaping that makes you want to run the opposite direction without ever seeing the interior.

It Helps Buyers See Their Family Living in Your Home

Great landscaping can make other families see themselves living in your home. Whether a father envisions taking his kids outside to help him water the flowers in the lovely front lawn, or a mother can’t wait to pick roses from the bushes along the side of the home to decorate her dinner table, people see themselves in a lovely yard. Your lush grass makes families imagine impromptu Thanksgiving football games in the yard or sprinklers and bathing suits in the summer.

On the flip side, a poorly landscaped lawn causes potential buyers to see themselves in your home working hard on your yard. Since many buyers want to move in and enjoy the home, seeing all the landscaping they must do makes them wonder if the home is worth it to them considering how much time they’ll spend in the yard working.

Proper landscaping can make or break a deal for a buyer. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on professional landscaping to increase your curb appeal. You can repaint your front door a bold and lovely color. You can pressure wash your driveway and home to make it appear cleaner and well-maintained. Keep the lawn short, trim the hedges, and weed the garden beds when it becomes necessary.

Keep toys out of the yard, and don’t allow your newspaper deliveries to sit on the porch for days at a time. Add a vase of fresh flowers to the table on the porch, and a throw blanket on the chair to make it appear more comfortable. There are so many things you can do for very little money to increase the curb appeal at home, and we recommend you do that.