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The Best Cities in the World to Set Up a Business

Starting up a business can be an exciting but nerve-wracking experience, and with the world getting more and more start-up and entrepreneurial based, it can be difficult to work out where would be best to go for your business. We’ve gathered together some of the best cities in the world to start up a business, no matter your trade.


With German International Removals available, it’s never been easier to move to Germany and get your business up and running. But which part of German do you go to? Berlin, of course! Thought of as an earlier version of New York, Berlin is on the verge of becoming one of the best entrepreneurial hubs in Europe. But it’s important to remember that Berlin is different to its American counterparts, however. The Entrepreneurs on average have less PhD’s and there’s less funding, but it also makes it easier to work your way into. Being relatively new to the start-up ecosystem way of life, Berlin is rated for its vibrancy and its fresh ideas and is perfect for start-up businesses and anyone looking to break into the industry.

Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley has been, and will continue to be, the main centre for start-up ecosystems. The funding potential and the support networks around the entire area make it an ideal area to start up a new business, but it’s important to consider how difficult it can be to start up in such a place. If you have particular skill in networking and an idea that can move with the fast-pace changes in the Silicon Valley environment, then you stand a good chance, but be prepared for a lot of work and be ready to constantly adapt to change.

New York City

Thought of as one of the biggest contenders to match Silicon Valley in the future, New York is jumping up in the global rankings constant as the most popular place for non-U.S. start-ups to open a second office. For those looking to tackle the world of ecommerce, the busy business hub of New York is probably more fruitful to you than Silicon Valley.


London can easily lay claim to the title of ‘best start-up locale’ in Europe, and has quickly become a popular spot for U.S. start-ups to open up their second offices. A highly social entrepreneurial circle means that start-ups have access to like-minded colleagues and a support system similar to that in Silicon Valley. With each start-up consulting, on average, three mentors, there’s no shortage of people willing to help and give advice where they can.


Singapore is all about location. The start-ups in Singapore not only benefit from the growing industries in the city, but can also benefit from much larger markets in Indie and China. For start-ups looking to expand globally, it’s an opportunity n to be missed. Funding is usually fairly easy to come by, and with a community-wide high work ethic, the environment is one that you’ll want to be in – a good job too, because the average working day for an entrepreneur in Singapore sits at about 11 hours.

Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is the only non-American ecosystem in the top six in the world, but also holds one of the highest levels of tech start-ups in the world. Unlike Silicon Valley, entrepreneurs in Tel Aviv tend to have to advertise more consistently, and usually to smaller, tech-driven markets than to larger markets as a whole.

The Best Cities in the World to Set Up a Business

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#5 Understood.

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#4 Hi John, i did a lot of research into this and after finding a lot of useful articles i made my decision based on what i thought was best

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"The Best Cities in the World to Set Up a Business"? Who chose these 6 cities? What criteria were used to make those choices?

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In terms of cost, Berlin and Tel Aviv are cheaper, so it can be an advantage.

London, New York and Silicon Valley are great places to set up a business, but too expensive for many. Anyway I love NYC, London and SV.

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Madrid, Spain — Start-ups spawned from economic crisis, by Financial Times

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thanks for sharing it. @Damien Troy welcome to beBee !

Madrid, Spain — Start-ups spawned from economic crisis


Last year, Google opened one of its innovation campuses in Madrid — one of only three in Europe. Amazon last month set up a tech hub in the city, and is planning to hire 100 software engineers by the end of the year, while BBVA, the Spanish banking group, has a fintech incubator in the capital. There is also a rapidly growing number of Madrid-based start-ups — such as ride-hailing app Cabify — that are raising both money and interest across the continent and in the Americas.

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