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Journey Journal 02 | Great to be back with Family

Journey Journal 02 | Great to be back with Family

I took time apart from activities, work and toastmasters because of my ACL injury.  This past month after my arthroscopic knee surgery, I took the time to develop, meditate and reflect on what is important in life.  It is true, at our Sheridan Bruins Toastmasters, it is not only beneficial for you to join to improve public speaking and leadership skills, but to be part of a growing family. 

10 minutes before the meeting started, I came in limping in the room, welcomed with warm wishes, hugs and smiles from my family that I missed for awhile.  It gave me a new sense of hope, no matter what challenges or obstacles you go through life, family is one thing you cannot replace and I am glad we brought in that culture of "we are family." I truly believed in it and I think behind all of us being genuine about it, it was embraced at our Toastmasters Club.  Our guest Joey returned for the first time in a year!  Also Jeff and Dan recently came back from their vacation and brought in my friend Ian who was a past toastmasters member.  To some people, a guest is a guest, but to me, and team executives, we never forget who joined with the family no matter what separates us today or in the future.  

It also astonishes me knowing that alumnis return as well like Carl and Eric who are our club founders.  Carl also finished his 8th speech, and has came a long way from 2 years ago with the feedback from our club.  This home, is like no other, as I wrote notes of how our guests expressed interest (5 new potential members out of 9), it brought me back to the excitement I still have when I joined my first Sheridan Bruins Toastmasters meeting 2 years ago.  The guests loved the theme of the night, "networking" and it was great on how our members tied in speeches, the sale competition and much more to make the meeting more engaging from a guest experience.  They wanted more insight.  In the future meetings, perhaps we can integrate a learning experience or networking experience before the meeting or after the meeting.  Another thing we can focus on is continue to engage our shy guests who don't know how a regular meeting typically goes and treat them like family.  Instead of saying it, lets show them step by step as if we were brothers or sisters.  

Journey Journal 02 | Great to be back with Family

Above is a picture of my friend khalid, who came last year only as a guest for summer meetings, but his determination and hunger to grow as a speaker, thought leader and entrepreneur really showed and he believes our Toastmasters club can take him there when I, the VP of membership had a couple minutes to talk with him.  

My first toastmasters experience was great because when Fernanda (VP of Public Relations at the time) brought me in, she told the other executives about me at the time before i visited and I already felt included in the meeting within the second visit.  I believe that made a huge impact to me.    

10 years from now, I hope to see all members of our family to grow to the fullest, whether that may be health, wealth, love or happiness.  Knowing that we all made an imprint in each others lives as brothers and sisters.  As we pass by each other in the mall, on vacations or at Sheridan Bruins Toastmasters we will always remember the impact we made by supporting one another.  

The question of the day is, "what's stopping you from doing what you love to do, each and every day?" 

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#2 Daniel, most plans do not come together because we make it so but because of how the DNA behind those plans flows.

Some plans are made by RED DNA- these people can be a little or a lot out-of-flow but yet find a way of making something, but the question I ask is, do I want to be a part of what it is they made?

Some plans are made by AMBER DNA - these don't know what flow is and they everyday people, making everyday plans, the question I ask is, do I want to drift in what they made?

Some plans are made by GREEN DNA - these are people who may not know what flow is, but they are fully in flow - they are passionate and alive, curious and alive - and the plans these people make - well who would not want to be a part of that making.

Bradley is one of those people with Green DNA, I have seen students whose DNA is an amber majority and at our club we have attracted very little that is red - where we have, those students have long since gone. There is great energy in the club right now, an energy that has finally attracting flow. Any of us can be get pulled into Amber and life circumstances can even move us into red - but there is green DNA rather that is transforming in the club right now - and this is a good moment that will define the coming months.

Just because our regular Toastmasters room contains red, amber and green tables does not make tables people. People are people and the people that now get attracted to our club, may more than likely be those with green DNA.

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Daniel Anupol 16/11/2016 · #2

#1 Thanks @CityVP Manjit for the feedback. I am learning alot from you in the way you write blogs and share stories. Thank you for continuing to inspire me to write. I truly appreciate it. I also admire how you are an intelligent observer - so intrigued about our new guests and bulding relationships with them like bradley, our guest last meeting.

CityVP 🐝 Manjit 16/11/2016 · #1

Don't know how I missed this @Daniel Anupol but better late than never. For sure great to see you back at the club and a great note about the networking meeting. I liked how you mixed in the relationship with the next generation of members, with your earlier experiences of the club with former executives, way back when you first came to the club. A good club has its processes in place, but a great club builds a history and then a legacy. These time stamps seem to feel in the moment know, but over the long haul, they build a footprint to the club as a timeline and a development journey. Loved that you are maintaining the ethos "We Are Family". Glad to have you back after your knee operation and love the enthusiasm !

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