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Listen with Every Cell of Your Being.

Listen with Every Cell of Your Being.

Having challenged myself to make a video every day in one take without any equipment last week, it has been an interesting few days. The act itself has unearthed several hidden limiting beliefs and indeed has annihilated them. There used to be a belief in my system that I had nothing to say of importance. This dated back to childhood shyness and kept me safe and comfortable. I would never feel the threat of being exposed, as I was holding back. The process of “coming out” has evolved over the last few years and has been accelerated by my current trial.

I felt a sense of liberation after completing the first video. And something has shifted in me. It would be a hard task to shut me up now! The process has taught me a lot about limiting beliefs and the importance of action. Action is absolutely the key. To act despite the voice continuing to exist. Acting again and again. I have a deep commitment to follow this through.

In todays video I speak about listening with the whole of your being. Listening is the greatest gift you can give a fellow human being. Join the listening revolution and transform the way we communicate one soul at a time. Thank you for listening. With Love, Daniel.

Listen with Every Cell of Your Being.

Daniel Donachie 4/7/2016 · #2

#1 Thank you so much @Justin Thomas! It has been a great learning journey for me.

Justin Thomas 4/7/2016 · #1

Wonderful post Daniel @Daniel Donachie. I'm always shocked at just how active I feel when I try ti sit still and pay attention to my body, so much mental chatter! Brilliant adive and your video project is so inspiring. Keep it up!

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