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Swallowing My Own Medicine.

Swallowing My Own Medicine.

Yesterday afternoon I became aware of some negative thoughts swishing through my consciousness. They were completely unexpected and uninvited guests and I immediately realised they required some attention. As a coach, I always help people to get in touch with what is actually happening in the present moment in their body. It was time to take some of my own medicine. The bitter pill of ones own medicine!

I took my swirling thoughts and dis-engaged body into a quiet room to tune into the wisdom of the body. The thoughts were taking my attention out of the body and into the world of the mind. I have been waiting a long time for a couple of important deals to be confirmed and the thinking mind was fixated upon this and creating all kinds of imaginary meaning. Why is this deal not happening? What can I do to become a better businessman? I s coaching really my gift to the World? Blah, Blah, Blah….

Managing to sink down into the presence of the body, there was an instant and deep awareness in the pit of my stomach. This was an unfamiliar felling to me and I managed to take the attention fully into the feeling, that went deeper and deeper within. I noticed the desire of the mind to name the feeling. I was able to resist this and stay with the pure essence of feeling. After some time, this feeling subsided and an awareness of tightness in the throat became prominent. This is a feeling I am familiar with and the mind wanted to label this as holding back emotion. The mind again, jumping out of the past and into the imperial present.

Leaving the interpretation of the mind to one side, this feeling in the throat quickly connected with an intense feeling of pain in the back of my head. Presence remained here for some time and then the feeling moved and there was an intense awareness in the forehead. This was a very focussed presence and filled my whole being with joy.

Following this process, I experienced a new level of clarity and the fog of the mind had vanished. The reality of the business deals not being complete remained and yet my experience of the world had shifted. There are no words that can explain what happened in this process and yet, it is the most simple process known to mankind. There was nothing done by “me”. The key to the shift was simple awareness of what is in the moment.

Working as a coach, I often see the human need for change. We always are looking for more. Sadhguru says that our problem is that we want the boundless and yet we seek it in installments.

There is something within every human being that dislikes boundaries, that is longing to become boundless. 

The simple process that I describe above aligned me in some way with the boundless. Every boundary I experience is the creation of my own mind. The secret of any change is fully being with what is. This is counterintuitive and yet profoundly brilliant. Simply staying in full awareness of the body in this moment leads us from the boundaries to the beyond. Notice what happens when you make this shift. Notice how your awareness sinks into a blissful peace. Simply being present. Here and now.

I speak about tuning into your hearts desire in this weeks video. We all have a unique experience of life and gift to offer the world. Finding this gift through the body. When does your heart light up? The body never lies and is the gatekeeper to the boundless beyond we all desire.

Swallowing My Own Medicine.

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