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All Transactions Will Soon Be Automated On The Blockchain

All Transactions Will Soon Be Automated On The BlockchainThe Blockchain is going to have as big an impact on our lives as the internet and this disruptive technology is changing the way that industries across the globe operate. Companies that do not make use of this tech will be left behind and eventually, all transactions will run on the Blockchain. 

It is not just the financial sector that is undergoing a mass transformation due to this technology as it is perfectly suited for any business that requires automation on a secure network. The Blockchain requires no human presence to handle vast amounts of transactions at once. Thanks to the world's largest network of computers linking up to mine cryptocurrencies, it provides the power to the Blockchain to enable the transaction to be confirmed via multiple computers to provide a 100% accurate and ultra-secure transaction. At present companies have to use a human component to check each transaction which adds to costs, time delays, and the occasional human error. The Blockchain eliminates all of this which is why it is set to take over the transactions of the world. 

One of the main industries most affected by Blockchain technology is the gambling industry. Many new Bitcoin Casino sites have been set up that make full use of this new tech. It offers a far superior platform for gamblers as the cost savings can be passed onto players to give better odds. 

Daniel Kay from popular cryptocurrency igaming site Bitcoin Casino No Deposit Bonus say “It is an exciting time in the gambling industry as many new companies are launching which are offering a unique experience by using the Blockchain to offer provably fair transparency on a scale never been seen before and it is going to help clean up the sector of rogue operators. 

All of the worlds largest industries over the next decade are going to be completely transformed by using the Blockchain. One of the biggest concerns of this technology is that it is going to replace the need for human workers.Unless a solution such as a basic living wage is introduced to compensate for the lack of employment opportunities in the near future thanks to technological advances it is going to be very tough to find employment. 

The Blockchain may be the cause of huge jobs losses around the world but it can also be the solution. By creating national digital currencies by using Blockchain technology it is possible for countries to introduce a basic living wage for all of its citizens. Russia is considering this option and if one of the major world's powerhouses introduces this, it is surely just a matter of time before others follow. 


There are many Initial Coin Offerings that are promising to change the way that industries work. Many will not be successful but those that are will have a major impact on our lives. The Blockchain will make companies run more efficiently and also provide a better user experience but this comes at the cost of jobs. The internet will become the place for sales and the Blockchain will become the place where all the world's transactions are carried out. 

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What about safety and additional risks for clients due to automated transactions?