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5 Obstacle Races Every Athlete Should Try

5 Obstacle Races Every Athlete Should Try

Athletes who are bored of monotonous road 5Ks should challenge themselves with an innovative obstacle course competition. More people are flocking to unusual races to experience something out of the ordinary. These nine crazy competitions test endurance, agility, problem-solving and grit.

1. Tough Mudder Perhaps the most famous obstacle course race, the Tough Mudder has upped the ante by adding endurance competitions and Tough Mudder X, a race that promises to crown “the fittest athlete in the world.”

2. Savage Race The six-mile Savage Race squeezes in more than 25 obstacles. These involve icy water, monkey bars, and a seesaw tunnel contraption called the “Teeter Tuber.”

3. Epic Series Obstacle Challenge Epic’s course is only about 400 meters–the size of a regular track. They advertise “more fun, less run.” Participants race a lap carrying something heavy, charge through more than 30 obstacles, then race another lap.

4. Civilian Military Combine This grueling military-themed test was designed by CrossFit coaches and military professionals. It begins with five minutes of strength exercises, followed by a five-mile obstacle course race.

5. Spartan Race The Spartan Race uses local terrain to create one-of-a-kind challenges. Competitors can tackle the Sprint (3-5 miles), Super (8-10 miles), or Beast (12-14 miles) level race. Spartan hosts competitions in more countries than any other race. Disclaimer: Practice your burpees before this one!

Each of these races have different obstacles that are sure to challenge your athletic ability. Participating is a sure way to meet fellow athletes and have fun while having a great workout.

What races have you done? If you have a favorite, drop it in the comments below.

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Max Swahn 15/1/2019 · #1

Spartan Race and Tough Mudder are both great races! I definitely recommend to give them a try!