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Artist Spotlight: Marc Martel as the New Voice of Queen

Artist Spotlight: Marc Martel as the New Voice of QueenThere is a Canadian musician who is turning heads across the world right now. His name is Marc Martel, and he has a wide vocal range that allows him to sing a variety of genres with perfect pitch.


From 1999-2012, Martel was the lead singer of Downhere, a Christian rock band he founded with his college roommate and other close friends. The band toured on behalf of Briercrest college, and after graduation, they relocated to Nashville, Tennessee.

The band won numerous awards, including a Dove Award, and released 10 albums. At the beginning of January, the band took a hiatus. This is when Marc Martel’s solo career took off.


Martel is most well-known for his ability to channel the late Freddie Mercury. He has toured the world with Queen Extravaganza, the Queen tribute band that Roger Taylor and Brian May officially endorse. If you don’t believe he lives up to the hype, just check out his audition video where he sings “Somebody to Love.”

Even with all the recent fame, Martel still acknowledges Mercury as an incredible icon and performer, stating in one interview: "He had a lot going for him – he was an incredible performer, a genius artist who was able to connect with audiences like no-one before. He also had a singular vocal sound and an uncanny ability to convey emotion. Even when he was screaming at the top of his lungs, there was still a beauty to it."

The Many Hats of Marc Martel

In addition to having an uncanny similarity to Freddie Mercury’s voice, Martel is also a pro at singing tracks by artists like Luciano Pavarotti, Tony Bennett, Seal, Jeff Buckley, Eddie Vedder, Michael Bolton, Bon Jovi, Burt Bacharach, Michael Jackson, Richard Marx, Celine Dion, etc.

That is probably my favorite part of Martel’s performances. He doesn’t box himself into one genre or sound. He can manipulate his voice and range in ways that shows how serious he is about his music career.

He was even featured on the Ellen Degeneres Show in the past. If you’re trying to learn more about Marc Martel, there are now a ton of articles highlighting his talent and experience. Recently, I came across an interview with Martel from this past July that gives a lot of insight into his mindset and values.

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Nick Mlatchkov 1/9/2018 · #3

#1 One of those rose to a point to mourn Aretha Franklin ...

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Nick Mlatchkov 1/9/2018 · #2

#1 It's great to hear someone has a vocal range at a time when most struggle in the lowest level set by American. Idol ... ;)

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Praveen Raj Gullepalli 31/8/2018 · #1

He is a great tribute to FM (R.I.P.). Wonderful vocal range.

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