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Digital Music and Education

Digital Music and Education

In this opportunity I want to share with you a little work of musical composition for short films in which many years of study at a musical level, systems engineering and digital communication are involved.

Although I am dedicated to university teaching in artificial intelligence and music for video games, I have not stopped trying to spread the need that the study of traditional music should not compete with the teaching of digital music but that both should complement and be incorporated in the study plans of both study modalities.

On the other hand, encourage the work of classical-style orchestral composition through this type of filmcoring contests, as in this case, they favor through animations, video games and short films, with respect to the approach of the misnamed classical music to the new generations, which for many reasons that we all know, but mainly commercial, have stopped receiving the contribution of the styles of the great masters of classical music each time.

Just as we all know the effort that is necessary to study an instrument and then be able to participate in an orchestra in successive rehearsals to be able to perform a certain musical work, there is also an effort, different but very real, to be able to configure each of the virtual instruments , its joints and its location in this scene, using digital media, I am precisely referring to the computer.

It is time to understand that the computer has become not only a tool because now is a new type of  musical instrument, by which educational institutions should increasingly encourage its study from the first years, destined not only to use the computer to programming as we are used to relating it to a specific system or application, but also intended for the use of the arts and especially in the composition or production of digital music.

Thanking you in advance for taking the time to watch and listen (if possible with headphones due to the built-in binaural effects) this video, I hope you enjoyed your music, just as I did when composing it.

Best Regards,

Ing. Daniel Lodi