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An Attitude of Gratitude

 An Attitude of Gratitude

A phrase we've all heard quite often, an "attitude of gratitude" is nonetheless an important concept if you're interested in becoming a Conscious Creator of your life. Practicing such an attitude brings you into oneness with the idea of well-being. Your well-being expresses in your life through many avenues - health, wealth, relationships, and so on.

An attitude of gratitude means that you appreciate the value and the presence of all things and people in your life. You recognize the "good things" in your life as the fruit of your creative processes. When you look at the situations and people in your life that don't feel so good, you recognize their fruit-bearing capacity. You recognize that because you are the only creator of your life, you have the ability to draw out the good in them as your experience. You use those situations and people to overcome pitfalls in your own thinking. You understand that each of them is an opportunity for you. You have the chance to be tolerant rather than critical, loving rather than angry, joyful rather than jealous, optimistic rather than pessimistic, responsive rather than reactive, and so on.

Why is this important? It is important because you are trying to return your consciousness to an understanding of Oneness with the stream of consciousness some of us call God or Allah. To do that, you must begin to draw out the good in yourself. You do this through recognizing that you are the creator of your life and by giving your attention to the good within all other people and situations. The Law of Attraction, which is the attracting power of Love, brings into your life whatever receives your greatest attention, whatever receives both the majority of your thoughts coupled with the energy of your feelings. Through practicing this attitude of gratitude, you begin expressing more and more of these qualities that feel good until eventually it is your nature to see only the good in things and to choose to experience only that which makes you feel good.

 An attitude of gratitude is also a form of prayer. When you choose to recognize only the good in others, you are seeing them as God sees them with all their possibilities unfolding. You are holding them in the light. What is prayer other than holding another in the light?

 Finally, an attitude of gratitude is not about humbling yourself to a greater power. It is about celebrating yourself - celebrating your oneness, your creative connection with that greater power.

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#2 Thank you Mohammed A. Jawad for taking the time to read it!

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Aha...Cultivating an attitude of gratitude makes a person's heart and soul beauteous.

Thanks @Dannye Williamsen for this insightful post.

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