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Open Your Heart [a poem]

Open Your Heart [a poem]Now is the time. The time is now.

Open your heart. Embrace those you dislike.

Look not at the differences.  Erase your fear.

The color of the skin, how poor or how rich...

These things matter not. They are superficial.

A heart, a mind, and most assuredly a soul -

These are the things that tie us together.

The heart space is where our love finds form.

The mind is where our love finds expression.

The soul - ah, the soul - this is where our love begins.

Look at those you dislike.

Do they not have a heart?  A mind?  A soul?

The love that is found in each is the same love.

The Source is the same.

It is we who give it form and expression.

It is we who can change it.

Now is the time.  The time is now.

© Dannye Williamsen