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Why spiritual counseling, not life coaching or business coaching?

A business coach is  focused on your creating a successful business through coaching you primarily in techniques for selling, marketing, management, and team building. A life coach, on the other hand, tends to address specific personal projects as well as business success or general situations in your personal life by examining the outer world issue, determining how you can make changes to overcome the obstacles  to achieve a course of action to make that project or business a success.

A spiritual counselor has a broader view. A spiritual counselor is focused on helping you gain clarity about yourself so that no matter what you encounter in life, whether in your personal or your business life, you are prepared to handle it in a way that supports your highest good. Spiritual counseling works from your inner beliefs about yourself to the outer world of your experiences. 

Does it matter what your religion is, if any?

Religion has absolutely nothing to do with spiritual counseling. Spirituality is about finding your path to being the creative being you have the capacity to be. Developing a belief system that supports the life intentions that harmonize with your desires, your attributes, your talents—this is the goal.

It is about clearing your path of erroneous ideas about yourself that you may have picked up along the way that are now standing in your way and clouding your vision.

Spiritual counseling is about helping you free yourself to walk confidently toward your desires.

Why spiritual counseling, not life coaching or business coaching?