Daniel Skudder in Cyber Security, IT - Information Technology, Information Technology (IT) Shareholder • Mayflower Car Services LTD Aug 12, 2019 · 1 min read · 1.1K

How To Get Your Foot In The Door

I am 24 years old. Now I’ll admit I’m a university drop out due to family matters that took far more precedence, alas that was 2014 and here we are approaching 2020.

Over the past few years I’ve grinded through the likes of Cybrary and LinkedIn’s training lectures to the point I’m confident enough to pass my CompTIA+ at the very least to get my foot on the ladder..... but that first rung on the ladder is a significant fiscal weigh, far beyond what my current 26 certifications should at least warrant an interview - alas, I’m still without a degree.

For years I’ve found myself in this catch 22 of needing an employer who’ll employ me then use the UKs funding program to cover 90% of the exam fees but no employer wants to shell out for someone who’s essentially a spare part right?

I’ve done all the courses, applied aimlessly for years for any single IT role but the insanity and mental health issues being unemployed at my age are staggering; I went from an extroverted bloke to a recluse, hiding away from my failures and past mistakes in endless mono-tone course videos.

I’m lucky in that this is only half way written; I’ve met a partner for the first time in 5 years who’s off to do her Law Masters enticing me to go back and get that damn piece of paper.

Only one question stands: will I be outdated like a Celeron processor is now when I graduate?

If anyone reads this and would be happy to take me under their wing in the UK, help me get my certifications and working for you properly I will commit a lifetime of employment for the chance to live my dream, so this post was worth a shout. To all those in a similar situation to me, it seems graduating is the only way —— unless you know a very, very kind employer.

All the best out there to you all!