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It's time to 'disrupt' the status quo in USA

It's time to 'disrupt' the status quo in USA

It's time to change the world for good. England (United Kingdom) voted out of European Union because they're tired of the same status quo. It didn't mean that people who voted to remain were not tired. They simply pandered to fear campaign. 'Protest' votes have taken place in a few other places in Europe which sent signal to the major political parties (representing the status quo) that citizens are fed up. USA citizens need to complement this effort towards sustainable economies and global peace. The jackass controlling the world have run out of ideas. None of the economy models has worked, and they're not meant to work. I studied macroeconomics. Its time for the thought-leaders (opinion-leaders) in USA to lead the citizenry for the change.

The two freaks - Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump - being 'forced' on USA to become President will be controlled by the same old-time jackass. Its time for the change. Why bother waste your vote (on them) ...again!


1. Request for nomination of fresh candidates (to include well-meaning capable, intelligent citizens who can't raise millions of dollars to waste on campaign).

2. If the request is not honored, Make the turnout on election day the poorest ever (to nullify the election).


3. Unify and back a credible Independent candidate to send Democrat and Republican out.

Option 3 reinforces 1 and 2 that both the Democrat and the Republican have failed, and will continue to fail as they're both controlled by same status quo.  Stop 'fighting' one another over Hillary and Trump.

The questions to answer are these:

(a.) Who is championing a campaign that rejects the Democrat and the Republican?
(b.) Who is championing backing a credible Independent candidate?

Start championing these 2 campaigns.

Have a look at what each of the declared Independent candidates (listed below) stands for and state the one you think has what it takes to lead USA. Here is a link to their resume: 


INDEPENDENT CANDIDATES (and OTHER PARTIES): Names in Alphabetical order.

 •           Ed Baker

 •           David Boarman

 •           Brian Briggs

 •           Darrell Castle ◄ CONSTITUTION PARTY NOMINEE

 •           Paul Chehade

 •           Robert Dionisio

 •           Art Drew

 •           David Holcomb

 •           Zoltan Istvan

 •           Gary Johnson ◄ LIBERTARIAN PARTY NOMINEE

 •           John Fitzgerald Johnson

 •           Lynn Sandra Kahn

 •           Chris Keniston ◄ VETERANS PARTY NOMINEE

 •           Bishop Julian Lewis, Jr.

 •           Evan McMullin

 •           James C. Mitchell, Jr.

 •           Perry Morcom

 •           Mark Pendleton

 •           Jeremiah Pent

 •           Scott Smith

 •           Jill Stein ◄ GREEN PARTY NOMINEE

 •           Samm Tittle

 •           Benjamin Weigel

 •           Terry W. Wheelock

If the question on your mind right now is how?, go ahead and share this post everywhere on social media. Reproduce on mainstream and non-mainstream media. That's all you need to do if the 'disrupt' means 'change' to you. Identify with this potent strategy.

You might qualify as a hypocrite if you're fond of saying these two phrases for fun:

1. doing things same way won't result in different outcome.
2. evil triumphs because good men do nothing.

Today is Thursday 01 September 2016.

You're the CHANGE. Roll out the 'tanks' on all social media. Like, Share and Follow.

It's time to 'disrupt' the status quo in USA------------------------------

I am a Thinker, Strategist, Journalist and Life Coach - I studied Political Science and Democratic Development at Stanford; Social Psychology, Wesleyan; International Organizations Management, Geneva; International Law - Courts and Tribunals, The Hague; Macroeconomics, California Irvine; Industrial & Systems Engineering, AUC; Sustainable Energy Systems, LSBU; Public Relations, NUS; Journalism, Michigan; etc. etc. Well-rounded skills and unequal experience make me one of the best. The CIA, FBI, MI-X, ... etc, know that I'm not just anyone. -------------------------


Facts on why you need to 'buy' and share this whether you currently support Hillary or Trump or an Independent candidate

The World is not in this chaotic state by chance. It's a long term plan and strategy that are constantly updated. The world's controllers are a few ‘smart evils' who understand Systems Thinking. They understand human behavior in and out. They know what humans fall for. While you want a Sustainable and Peaceful World, you however can’t stop falling for the controllers ‘baits'. To change that also requires exceptional Systems-Thinkers and Strategists. I humbly like to tell you that I'm one. Maybe you're one too.

That duty to change the system rests on Change Agents ...and Thinkers/Strategists (as Collective Intelligence). I can authoritatively confirm that the 'controllers' and the 'Intelligence' have run out of ideas. Federal Reserves, World Bank and Financial Institutions are stuck. They need help but they don't know who to turn to. I'm stepping in to help but I can't do it alone. You must trust me. Ask me any question publicly, and I'll answer you.

How the World works may seem complex to many, its (actually) not that complex to me. We (together) have the Strategy to make the World worthwhile to live in for EVERYONE on the planet including the 'CIA' and bank owners. We can make it the ‘Garden of Eve and Adam’ we much fantasy.

The strategy I highlighted above are what everyone can relate with. However, only you can make it happen. Don’t 'fold your arms’ expecting miracles. This is peace-full. And don't say you don't live in USA. We're all world-citizens. You can influence what happen anywhere in the World.

You can feel me. Let’s do this. Share and let it go viral. Leave the rest to Systems-Thinkers and Strategists who are working hard behind the scene on open network. This is not a hidden agenda. No secret meetings. This is the peaceful way to change things. Share this post. It has nothing to do with whatever party you have in mind (to vote for). It may take some time for you to think through this. With time, you'll see it's the truth.

Its very important to read the conversations/comments below. If you have an alternative strategy, lets hear it. If you have not commented and you like to be notified of new contributions/comments, Like the post tentatively. When you click the Like (Relevant) button again (later on), the Like will be cancelled.It's time to 'disrupt' the status quo in USA

Dapo Adeleke 21/9/2016 · #7

#6 @Brian McKenzie: I'm aware 'the election matters not' but it provides an opportunity for making a 'statement' that can bring the change. With the options I highlighted, the outcome of 2016 Presidential election which 'has already been decided' can be overturned by a few thoughtful opinion leaders. I'm not referring to:
- the agents who are online 24/7 ranting with their keystrokes to trivialize and divert attention from important matters.
- the often confused self-acclaimed 'opinion leaders' who can't think through or engage on anything as simple as this (blame it on ADHD).
- the clueless academics and activists who can only speak of what American founding fathers have done but are fearful of their own shadows.
- those who will follow me for following sake and will die without having lived.

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Brian McKenzie 21/9/2016 · #6

This election matters not, the outcome has already been decided

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Gerald Hecht 20/9/2016 · #5

#4 @Mohammad Azam Khan Yes ...One must know what thing woman named America Is: She is both mother and daughter to the ideals we strive for

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Mohammad Azam Khan 20/9/2016 · #4

Some of that is so good to know @Gerald Hecht. Viva liberty, fraternity and sisterhood.

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Gerald Hecht 20/9/2016 · #3

#2 Mohohammad @Mohammad Azam Khan These "Colonialists" --the shear gall of them; to go against Allah and his choosing of "The British East India Tea and Mercenaries (without brains/balls) Company"; These "colonialists" MUST BE STOPPED! Especially that Betsy Ross "woman"...and that Benjamin Franklin guy (disguising himself as a scientist)! We MUST hunt them down sn BRING THEM TO JUSTICE ( we are after all, going to settle for nothing less than a more perfect union!), not on our watch!

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Gerald Hecht 20/9/2016 · #1

These "Americans" --who are these people? I NEED TO FIND THEM AT ONCE! I heard about some of them on a recent tour in Philadelphia; Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Betsy Ross, George Washington --the people are dangerous! They must be stopped!

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