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Cost-Effective Ways to Acquire Quality B2B Sales Leads in Australia

Cost-Effective Ways to Acquire Quality B2B Sales Leads in Australia

Generating high quality B2B sales leads is top priority among solutions providers in Australia. From financial services to health care, companies in the Land Down Under are constantly seeking to improve acquisition of high level prospects. They also find a need to do so for less.

At present, leads that express a high likelihood to convert to a sale are in the spotlight of the B2B market because they obviously represent revenue. No other type of lead equates to a profitable opportunity than one that actively engages you within the buying cycle. Hence, every effort has to be exerted towards such leads or else risk financial waste.

But in a study by the B2B Technology Marketing Community, at least 61% of marketers consider the acquisition of quality sales leads as a huge challenge. In Australia, companies face these particular issues:

1. Locating high quality leads;

2. Nurturing them; and

3. Convincing them to set an appointment with an agent.

Efficiency in these areas can be obtained through a combination of wise strategizing, up-to-date lead management infrastructure, and a dedicated team of marketing and sales staff. But in terms of maximizing expenses, these practical options come to mind.

Effective web presence

A majority of B2B companies are doing their best to maintain an effective web presence. This is reflected by a need to stay current as more and more B2B buyers depend on online content for scouting and purchasing solutions. Effective web content in this case is highlighted. Using a diverse mix of blog articles and informative resources, companies can provide highly interested individuals to their sales agents.

Social media penetration

The idea that social media is less effective in B2B than in B2C is a misrepresentation of actual facts. Currently,