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The 5 Main Reasons Your Marketing Automation Is Failing (How to Fix it)

The 5 Main Reasons Your Marketing Automation Is Failing (How to Fix it)

What’s in marketing automation? Why is everyone talking about it?

Marketing automation is a software that lets you schedule repetitive tasks to perform on your behalf. Tasks such as;

  • Send out a bunch of email to your prospects
  • Schedule a blog post
  • Send a reminder to certain actions – make a follow-up call or send SMS.
  • Schedule an action such as send a follow-up email for some triggers

According to SiriusDecisions, 85% of B2B marketers use marketing automation platform but they feel like they’re not using it to its full potential. Who wouldn’t want to just sit down and let your marketing automation do the work for you?

However, if it’s really that good, why is it that many business owners and marketers still fail on their marketing automation? Here are the 5 main reasons why marketing automation fails. *include tips at the bottom on how to fix it.

#1. Having a robotic message

Marketing automation tool allows you to send out mass emails using templates so the message is less personalized.

How to fix it?

  • Craft the message carefully.
  • Address them by their first name on the email.
  • When choosing a marketing automation tool, find one that lets you fetch the name of the person you’re sending an email.

For example:


Over 2 billion photos and videos are uploaded to social media each and every day; a staggering amount of content.

Chances are that some of that content could be used by you to improve your marketing effectiveness.  But how do you get your hands on it and in an easy and scalable way?

If you are interested in how ABC Pacific, EI Corporation and Cruise Ltd. has used UGC (User Generated Content) to improve their marketing outcomes, then we’d love to talk.

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