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„Bird's milk“

Consumer madness became viral. It is difficult to determine the extent and possible areas, when and how will it all together finish. We all contribute. Me too. Few months ago, on Sunday evening, around nine in a consumer euphoria attack, contemplated upon the idea of ​​croissants with coffee, goat's milk (or soy bar, because my stomach is difficult …), so I dropped by the local neighborhood store.

The "drinking team" on the bench across the store just renewed supplies of brandy and beer. They did not even notice when I walked past them and entered into their shopping center - with various shop offers (booze and ticks, but also some toiletries, newspapers, and all kind of products, as well as fruits, vegetables etc., choosing - dinner or lunch.

A girl on the cash register just worked clearing and preparing to close shop. Sunday at 9, the night, I thought what I was and what the dropout consumer fever. I'll buy milk, and perhaps record (and then buy) a few more unnecessary things (type peanuts, beer, chocolate, newspapers ...) but then, here is my place. A Sunday nights are long, especially when you lie down across the TV with any film or the like. Entertainment.

- Good evening, greeted politely.

- Evening ... replied the girl at the cash register with resignation.

- Do you have a goat's milk? Or soy, I asked most polite, aware of the fact that I came to shop at almost 9 PM, minutes before closing, to ask not just the usual product that was regular on Sunday, the end of the week that the girl was dead tired ...

She looked at me blankly, probably with the thought that I have a more serious mental case, even than the team on the bench ... She gave me the one totally resigned look with some irony and cynicism, which was still so little will be headed for the shelf milk and dairy products, and added ...

- I'll check it out. no, we do not have a goat. No soy. Regular cow, usually. Is still something you should ...? She asked and looked through me.

I imagined what it would mean something else. Maybe a bird's milk, a star from the sky on the forehead instead of a kiss, a deep bow and ... not really the case. But even that was not enough. After I took the milk without fat, I stopped at the booth of chocolate and sweets. I noticed her eyes, almost pitiful, full of false sympathy for people who feel mentally inferior. I felt even a shred of sympathy. She came closer and waited for my first question, comment or question. She knew that you can not help.

I began to see the chocolate and biscuits. I already took a bitter chocolate, when I saw few new products. Instead of dark chocolate with 45% I picked up the dark with 72% cocoa parts. It flew her comment.

- Sir, this is more expensive and less sweet, not even very fine. In fact, what's the difference…?

Well, I waited for such a question and then I got my 5 minutes.

- Because of the difference in the percentage of cocoa components.

- What's the big difference. And who cares? Why is it so important? – She wondered, more thinking out loud.

- Well, hear, cocoa is expensive, the most important ingredient of chocolate. In this chocolate has a higher percentage of cocoa components, and different preparations, there were ...

- I never really thought about it. I know there are many types of chocolate, black, white and other ...

- Well, now you know.

- Need more what? - It was clear that she was done and work and sales and tuition on the percentage of cocoa in chocolate parts, especially fed up with the guys who come to the end of her working shift (and a day) with such a pearl ideas and wishes, in addition to more lectures.

- No, that's all. Or ... I stopped for a moment. I recognized her pitiful look!

The drinking team revolved round two on the bench and watched me with surprise coming out with such a small bag and a couple of things, and I was almost a quarter hours. I even heard comments.

- Such a shopping, whispered a little thick.

- It is. And we are. But we at least drink, whispered another.

When I returned to the apartment, I put "ordinary" coffee, sat down in front of the TV and eat "special" chocolate. I thought about "bird's milk". Sunday is the perfect day for it.

„Bird's milk“Photo by Darko Lugonja,