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Managing Work-Life Balance as a Business Owner

Managing Work-Life Balance as a Business Owner

As a business owner, the managing of work-life balance is a formidable challenge. Most of the challenge lies in the fact that running a business requires a great deal of time and effort that can interfere with other aspects of life. For this reason, business owners should adopt the following strategies if they want a better work-life balance:

Self Care: Business owners often neglect taking care of their own needs. The pressure of running a business and tending to the needs of family may lead a business owner to overlook their own needs. For this reason, self care should be prioritized everyday. For instance, an hour each day should be set aside to workout, meditate, or to enjoy massage. Making self-care a priority will ensure that the business owner is rejuvenated and ready to take on the task of managing a business and taking care of familial needs.

Quality time with Family and Friends: When managing a business the time spent with family and friends must also be taken into consideration. Life can’t only consist of work. Family and friends need to know they are valuable and these relationships must be nurtured. Set aside time each day where business calls are not accepted and time is devoted to the people that deserve and need attention.

Establish Dedicated Work Hours: Designating work hours and sticking to them is a great way of maintaining work-life balance and increasing productivity. Working from home can also increase your productivity during work hours. A work schedule forces the business owner to focus on the work that needs to be done so it can be completed in the allotted time.

Delegate Work: The most important aspect of good management is knowing how and when to delegate work. Any manager that desires a good work-life balance can’t be afraid to delegate responsibilities to employees. Delegating work gives business owners the time they need for self-care and family responsibilities.

Maintaining a work-life balance is challenging yet rewarding. Establishing boundaries for work hours and adhering to those boundaries is an essential component in maintaining a good work-life balance. When attempting to run a successful enterprise, business owners mustn’t neglect their own needs or the needs of family and friends. Following the aforementioned steps will assist in fostering a foundation for a good work-life balance.

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Sol Trickey Feb 15, 2019 · #1

Setting time aside for family is critical. I know some entrepreneurs that have made it a point to involve their families in certain aspects of their business when allowed (volunteering efforts, social events, etc.). Thanks for sharing!

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