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I Am Heading South

I Am Heading SouthI have been living here in the North East for 15 months and I have met some great people with warm hearts and a real sense of humour I have also visited some great places very scenic and appealing like the small but friendly Tynemouth with its little beach and quaint eateries and Whitley Bay another great seaside town.

Yet considering it is in the industrial heartland there is little work and not much money in it's economy everything is cheaper than down south but that's because there is little money for people to earn so all businesess have to lower their prices to gain any custom so as a business owner it is hard to survive it's harsh environment.

It's infrastructure is fairly sound with reasonable transport ie the Metro  it even has free WIFI anywhere in Newcastle centre it's famous for it's Biggie Market where the majority of local watering holes reside as do wave after wave of stag and hen do's .

But as I run down my finances I am all too aware that I have to return south to secure work, I feel quite sorry for the people here as it is very apparent the North is gradually being forgotten by the powers that be and the gap with the South is widening. The weather is also the coldest I have ever known here in the UK yet the locals walk round in shorts while I have 3 layers on.

So it is back to the land of song, floppy green leekes and a big castle for me how long I stay I am not sure as I still feel more at home in Spain or Portugal and eventually one of these will become my home. I will be happy to return but by going back it feels like my life hasn't moved on but to catch up with my friends and their smiling faces will be a relief if only temporary because if  I cannot find work there my quest continues it's starting to feel like I am looking for a Golden Unicorn or some other such rarity.

I Am Heading South

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@Javier beBee thank you I hope to continue to produce informative honey for you all and to learn more from others.

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