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Job Hunting At 49

Job Hunting At 49I feel more and more out of today's society I am coming up for my 50th birthday next year and I am unemployed have very little money and am struggling to cope with everything. I have experience and many Qualification's yet I have applied to over 60 jobs this year and heard back from only 4 . All because I am older and do not really understand all this ATS stuff that rejects my CV before anybody actually sees it.

People seem to expect so much yet offer so little I find some of it an insult to all the sweat and tears I have shed  over the years. I have tried so many ways of securing work I am going to have to find a way to be self employed again  as it seems I am poison to companies.

I have wasted money having my CV done professionally they missed out 5 years and didn't even spell check it. It seems that today a piece of paper is more valued than 20+ years of experience it is a poor system that is only going to miss out on the real people who could make an impact on their businesses just because they don't have a piece of paper.

Everything is geared for the younger generation I was certainly born in the wrong era there are kids now millionaires in their twenties all from the internet, something which I am still coming to terms with as I learn more about what it is capable of and how to best utilise that to earn me a living.

As I look to my future I try to remain positive but it seems as though I walk two paces forward and then one back I am constantly learning and trying new things, I remain optimistic but as the days pass this becomes more difficult. I think society relies far too much on machines and algorithms that it is not human anymore in fact we are loosing the ability to communicate with one another as machines take over. Each day we are becoming more like robots just doing not thinking.

Job Hunting At 49

Scott Engler 16/12/2016 · #29

Daryl, I can assure you that I may be a bit younger, but understand exactly how you feel, as I once felt the same way. All I can say is that the times have changed, but YOU ARE NOT POISONOUS. I'd recommend you read my most recent article - The Problem and The Solution :)


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Darryl John 14/10/2016 · #27

Thank you I do look but quite often they remain the same for some time.

Lisa 🐝 Gallagher 14/10/2016 · #26

Have you looked at the jobs on beBee @Darryl John? There are quite a few :)) Not sure what the process is like but maybe worth the try? Still wishing you much luck!!

Janet Lentz 9/10/2016 · #25

I was 56 when I left I job I'd had for many years to advance my career. A year later a headhunter lured me to an even better job. Neither company cared about my age, only what I can do for them. I'm sorry not to be sympathetic, but age discrimination is too often used as an excuse not to do the work and preparation necessary to get a job. You have to understand how the internet falls into the equation. You have to understand how to network effectively, online and off line. You need to be able to explain what makes you unique. Re-read your original post from an employer's point of view and think about how you would change it. If you are truly struggling, I suggest hiring a professional career coach to help you make the changes you need. Here is the one I used:
Yes, finding the right job is a lot of work but you need not go it alone and you can be successful. Best of luck.

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Darryl John 26/9/2016 · #24

#22 #23 thanks for the advice I will take it on board

Ken Boddie 24/9/2016 · #23

Can't offer you advice, Darryl, only sympathy. From a failed Latin scholar "nil ilegitimus carborundum" - "don't let the bastards grind you down." 👍 Stay +Ve.

Mark Anthony Dyson 24/9/2016 · #22

Hey Darryl, it doesn't pay to completely rely on a CV to be bait these days. There is so much creativity required outside of submitting. You can use your talents and creativity to get in front of people first who can get you in, gain familiarity, then introduce your resume. It's easier to have faith in humans than a machine (ATS).