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Latest Poetry

It’s been a while since I have been here. Life events and everything. These are taken from my coursework. I have finished my degree and awaiting my final results. I would welcome any comments. 

Flower of Dreams

God damn girl, you look foxy

or is that the poppy and oxy,

veins, tracks, Google maps

for my blood, a syringe

for my pin, future destination

Rubber tubing, silver foil

blue flame, rusty spoon,

sat on plastic

in the smallest room

Floating a hot-air balloon

satellite, kite, climbing

I slip into a hole

body becomes Playdough

relax, collapse


The silhouette looms over me

hostage-taker, nightmare,

pressure crushes, pushes all

breath from my lungs

with a jolt, I wake

heart pulsing as it tries

to escape its cage of bones

Scramble to the corner of the room

foetus-like I curl up

my hands pressed as limpets

covering my eyes,

through shaking fingers

I look at the bed

I stay on the floor

eyes wide, staring

aching, won’t shut

until the wolf appears


Cocaine and Jesus

split my mind

creating hard to define images

shadows of ghosts blow and spin

their stories into threads

stitched inside the recess of my head

Spinning like a lottery tombola

they take over every thought,

chaos reigns supreme

I’m unable to separate reality

from the dreams

nightmares come to life

with ragged images

strands unravel until

they no longer fit

a trap that is sprung

the more I twist and pull

the throbbing in my head

switching from pulsing to dull

51st National

Duffle bags filled with cash

scars, gold bars, broken glass

two AR-16s and a 9mm Glock

three minutes left on the clock.

On their knees the manager

ten customers and one guard

card in the door for the vault

all the phones in a silk bag

don’t anybody try to be heroes

we’re here for the ones and zeroes

30 seconds to the sirens and alarms

stay calm and nobody gets hurt,

business suit, slackened tie,

teller with tears in her eyes

Mr security, white shirt

name tag made of plastic attached ,

two children shielded by their mother

another, bag filled with cold hard cash

check for dye or tracker

we dash towards the entrance

outside a van, inside the fourth man

tyres screech, wheels spin, pulling out

there’s no doubt sirens are near

turn left, turn right, jump a light

somewhere off the beaten path

clothes, masks, tossed in the back,

moving from the van to an SUV

gasoline pouring, flick a lighter

flames melt and bend the metal

foot pressed flat to the pedal

The sound of an alarm

getting louder and louder

Home Truth

I would’ve written you a stanza

If you weren’t such a wanker

you act like a queen

when you’re only a pawn,

you cling to me

like the powder to my nose.

We were a story

chapter and verse

the damsel and the fool

the voices in my head

saying, we should’ve never wed

you claim to be a victim

captive in your castle

screaming out the window

causing hassle in the street.

I stand below

wearing blue and yellow

on my head, that hat you hate

like a jester, I fester, fool

The Vision

She has pearls in her mouth

serpents in her veins,

storm cloud bringing the rain

Shaped like a cola bottle

ass clinging to faded denim

legs up to infinity,

Jimmy Choos, silver buckle

A smile to stop traffic

her eyes burn through me

like a welding torch through

shipyard metal

She walks, glides effortlessly

drivers lean on their horns

those that meet her eyes

become gargoyles left

behind in her wake

Fooling Nobody

9-5 he’s a corporate mover

Up the ladder but he’s still a snake

hiding behind his tinted glasses

you can still feel his stare

the secretary knows

hand shaking as she raises her cup

her email hastily deleted,

cheap cologne getting nearer.

Machiavelli approaches

look busy everyone,

phones away, stop talking,

he expects silence

He’s In love with power

yet you lay side by side,

headlights reflect onto glass

as you work in the kitchen,

click, as key meets barrel

fake smile and kisses


Butterflies flutter

leaving powder

like dust along

green veins

A snail looks up

from the path below

as he carries his house

water spider skates across

the surface of the pond on

legs like stilts.

Lone dragonfly hovers

his wings vibrate above

the water and lily pads

colourful fish stir and swim

orange and gold patrol

the depths as tiny bubbles

escape for air.

Night descending

fox forages among the bins

he stops and pauses

eyes shining bright

mice scurry searching

for scraps as they

scratch at wood.

Grey squirrel climbs

the old tree outside

my window

Latest Poetry

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