Darryl John en Dr Margaret Aranda: Poetry, beBee in English, Poetry STUDENT • UNIVERSITY of GLOUCESTERSHIRE 12/10/2016 · 1 min de lectura · +300


A sneak preview of a poem from my new bookLove

Love is a contract

It's not pay as you go

It's about two people and the emotions they show

Together forever through thick and thin

Two hearts entwined beating within

For richer or poorer in sickness and in health

So lose the ego it's not about self

Love is a food both bitter and sweet

It's the one thing that makes you complete

Without love your like an empty shell

Like that broken toy left on the shelf

Like Father Christmas without his Elves

It can flow through your veins just like blood

It can cause many a tear to flood

It's the one thing anyone can have or give

It's the only thing I need to live.


Myself in the local library writing my book