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What Is An Entrepreneur?

This word is constantly bandied around in the media and within the corporate world. If I was asked to define this saying I would say that an Entrepreneur is someone who finds a solution to someone's pain and offers a service or a product to alleviate that pain.
They are a person who is a great innovator, someone who thinks outside the box and someone who is not afraid to fail. They have a real belief in themselves and their products or services. There are many within Social Media, The Corporate World, Sports, and Network Marketing. Today there is more and more  younger people trying their luck at becoming an Entrepreneur as they realise that there is less safety in the 9-5 grind of corporate business and they were born in an era where it is far easier now due to advances in technology and the ability to run these businesses from anywhere they can get the internet on their phone, tablet or laptop.
They tend to do this as they travel round the world. It is a business opportunity that the younger generation are having with open arms. Though it is not only the younger generation older people are now learning to adapt to these new technologies and opportunities.
It is very true that now you see so many younger millionaires as they seem to be more willing to take risks and step out of their comfort zone.
Social Media and Network Marketing are responsible for many of these as they learn how to use leverage to gain clients. Especially in Network Marketing which is becoming the go to business to develop a very lucrative business over a few years though it is not easy money it takes a lot of time and effort and only a few really do well.
So you see that anyone can become an Entrepreneur it just requires that you have self belief and a strong work ethic.
If you think we'll nobody would buy my product or my services you only need to look back to Henry Ford who only sold black coloured cars originally but nobody complained about this and he sold many of them.
You see people don't really buy a product or a service they buy you as person , your belief, your energy, the feel good factor they get from you.
In the word's of Albert Einstein With logic you can travel from AtoB but with imagination you can travel anywhere. Think you have these qualities then give it a shot , but don't think it will be easy.What Is An Entrepreneur?

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In most of the human creations and productivity perfection is temporary. There is always room for improvement and innovation. Complete and everlasting perfection is only for God and His creations.

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