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Top 10 Bootstrap admin template of 2017

Bootstrap is the first choice of web designers and developer for creating a mobile friendly responsive website design. There are over 17 million websites actively using it as UI framework.

If your website is based on the popular CMS frameworks like WordPress or Joomla, there is a strong possibility that you have a Bootstrap-based responsive theme.

The Bootstrap framework makes it easy for web developers to create a responsive design and comes with plenty of ready-made components.

If you are a designer or developer of any sort having a website designed on top of Bootstrap and looking for an admin template based on Bootstrap. This article will help you get the matching Bootstrap admin template.

1. Gentelella:

Top 10 Bootstrap admin template of 2017Are you working on a web based complex back-end system? You will love this template. It comes with all the features and functionality you would ever need.

The graphs, charts, icons, animation, typography, and the color selection is just on point. Download the template and change it according to your need, fill with the actual data, and you are good to go!

The responsive view looks amazing on a mobile device. If you hide the navigation window, it might be hard to believe that it's a web application.

2. AdminBSB:

Are you a material design fan? Are you looking for a minimalistic, functional, and material design inspired web admin template? Well, AdminBSM might be the answer for your question.

The template has a good combination of material looking UI design elements, charts, colors, and typography. The colors and animation on this template are on point.

It includes everything you may need with an admin template for small to large scale applications back-end design.

3. Modular Admin:

Are you a fan of modular design? Meaning do you love modular design where you can add or remove visual components based on your needs? This template is for you.

There is a problem with feature packed admin templates that they are complex in architecture which reduces their modularity. Meaning customizing adding/removing elements from the template is not really easy.

If you prefer to customize the template just according to your need. You might love this template. You would consider using this template for small to intermediate large projects. You'll love its design flexibility.

4. Flat Admin:

Are you a flat design fan? Meaning the Android's new material design inspires you? Or the iOS, MacOS or Windows 10 new design inspires you? This template is just right for you.

Flat design trend is growing strong. We have seen a majority of the company logo, identities, and software interfaces getting the new flat avatar.

If you are a fan of this flat web design. And if you are working small bespoke eCommerce website backend or custom website administration panel. You might love this admin template.

The template is made using the Bootstrap 3 and naturally, it must be responsive in nature.

5. TemplateVamp:

Are you a fan of component based bootstrap admin template design? This template is just for you.

Instead of being bulky, this template is really a useful one. It might not look attractive on the first sight, but it is.

It provides you a set of component and overall design structure. By this way you can create any combination of a design that may be right for your current project. 

You may consider using it when you are creating an administration area of a customized CMS website or eCommerce website.

Are you a designer looking for converting your PSD to responsive HTML template? Please have a look at my PSD to Bootstrap Conversion service.

6. CoreUI:

Love to go back to basics? Looking for a functional and useful Bootstrap admin template? This template might be for you.

The template is a basic template with decent looking element structure, colors, elements and typography. It's a Bootstrap 4 based admin template.

7. Light Bootstrap Dashboard:

Are you a design enthusiast? Looking for a cool looking Bootstrap admin template for your project? This template is for you.

It's a creating Bootstrap admin template. And by creative I mean, you get a decent set of UI elements, vibrant colors, cool effects, animations, and beautiful overall template structure.

If you are building some complex yet beautiful web application, CRM, CMS systems you may consider using this.

8. Ace:

Want to use a basic but functional Bootstrap admin template? Ace bootstrap admin template is right for you.

The template looks very organized, sorted, clean and has all the necessary elements you may need with an admin template.

9. Minimum:

Are you looking for a clean and modern looking Bootstrap admin template? This open source template might be your pick.

The template looks very neat, organized, balanced in color with some cool animation effects and on point element example and demonstration.

You can use this Bootstrap admin template in any of your project's administration panel design.

10. AdminLTE:

Are you confused which Bootstrap admin template is right for you? Just choose this one. You can't really go wrong with this template.

It has everything right from the elements, animation, icons, colors, typography, page structure and all other design bells and whistles.