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The Sun

The Sun

Chapter 1

When I was born it was raining, when it was the first day of school it was raining, all my life, it was raining. Today, it’s still raining, and not just nice summer rain, pouring sloppy winter rain that feels like acid every time it touches your skin. I hear that there was a time before rain, a time of happiness and joy. I hear rumors that there was a ball of light that came up every morning and shined on all people, good or bad. This ball of light gave people hope that everything will be alright, I wish we still had that. Some, like my parents, long for the ball of light so badly they do stupid things, for instance, name your only child after this ball of light that existed about a hundreds of years ago. My parents thought that if they would give their daughter such a name the ball of light will just magically appear. Well here I am, at the age of 13, with the name of Sun, but not attracting any balls of light, only trouble.

“Good luck at school!” My mom called from the kitchen like she does every morning, and I nod like I do every morning, and my dad is waiting to drive me to school, like he does every morning, and of course it's raining, like it is every morning. I roll my eyes, nothing here ever changes, and I bet it never will. As I get into the car I look at the sky and sigh. It says in books that earth used to be such a wonderful place, what happened? Rumors are that pollution scared the sun away but I don’t believe that. Others believe that the sun just got bored of being part of the Milky Way and left to join another galaxy, I also don’t believe that. I believe the sun is still here but is disappointed with us. I believe the sun is just waiting for change, just like me.

School is awful, as usual. To many people talk and the school work makes my head explode.Suddenly, I zoom out for about an hour or two until I hear my name,“Sun,” suddenly I’m alert “what?” I asked to the boy who called my name, but he just stared. “What?” I asked again louder. This time the boy pointed and said again “Sun.” I looked at where he was pointing. The rain was gone and it was bright outside. The brightness made it to our window guiding us to the ball of light. When the whole class ran outside. The fogginess of the sky was gone replaced by a soft blue color, and the rain was gone replaced by the ball of light, the Sun.

All of us stare and begin to laugh, the Sun has finally come back to us. Soon we are all dancing enjoying the warmth on our skin, but suddenly the warmth left me behind and the sky was once again foggy and gray. Many groaned and went back inside but I just stood looking at the sky and smiling. The Sun never left, it’s always been there it was just hiding it’s face from us. It chose this very moment to start giving us hope, giving us permission to begin our search of finding it again.

1 year later

Chapter 2

For a year I studied and packed for this trip. I’ve read every book in the library about the Sun and looked up everything I could. I’m ready, it’s time to leave and bring back what was once ours, what we once took for granted.

A year ago I was just a little girl waiting for change, waiting for a rescue. I was foolish, waiting was not the answer, I realize that now. If I want change, I need to make it happen, not wait, waiting is pointless.

Now everyone thinks that I’m crazy. They think that the Sun coming back a year ago for a few minutes was just it’s way of it taunting us, taking all our hope away, telling us it’s never coming back. But that doesn’t make sense because I’ve seen it more than once after that incident, but why hasn’t anyone else? I swear I sometimes see a ball of light from the corner of my eyes, and feel it’s warmth hitting my back stealthily and slowly. I’m not insane, I’m not desperate, I see the truth, I see color, where everyone else sees black and white.

Chapter 3

I’m leaving, and nothing can stop me. Not the sobs of my mother or the yells of my dad, not the tears of my friends or the laughs of my enemies.

I am leaving

The Sun must be found.

Chapter 4

I left, and the Sun followed me. I still feel it’s warmth and see it’s brightness from the corners of my eyes, but once I turn it is gone, so I just look forward. I feel the Sun guiding me into the place where it stays hidden, helping me make all the right turns. Why the Sun won’t show it’s face to others I don’t understand, maybe it’s captured, or maybe it just likes playing games.

Chapter 5

Today is my first night by myself, and as usually I make a stupid mistake. I made a fire in the woods. Since it’s night the Sun left me, so I got cold. I made a fire to keep warm. How could I’ve been so stupid?

Fire attracts attention, attention attracts bears.

Lets just say my night was sleepless and full of running leaving no room to think.

The bear finally left just before dawn struck, but my embarrassment will stay with me forevermore.

When morning finally came I felt the Sun at my back again. As the day before the Sun continued to lead me to it’s hideout. After about an 5 hours of nonstop searching the Sun left me stranded in front of a cave. No, I thought to myself, the Sun couldn’t possibly this close to home. However, the pitch black cave was the only thing in front of me, I sighed and took the first step.

Chapter 6

Somehow it was warmer in the cave than outside. At first it was nice, but the closer I got to the end, the hotter it got. By the time I got to the end my body was crying for me to get out. My breaths got shorter with every single extra step I took. At the end of the cave there were picture plastered all over the walls. There were pictures of The Sun and a girl with blue eyes and soft brown hair. That girl was me. That second I realized where the Sun was really hiding, and it was not in the cave. The reason I am so different is because the Sun inside of me, waiting to be freed, leading me to the place where it had to be done. I sighed and touched the wall.

Everything went black.

Chapter 7

When I woke up I was still in the cave but the hot air seemed to disappear. When I finally had the courage to leave the cave I looked outside. Outside it was bright, full of colors, and without a drop of wetness in the sky. When I looked up the Sun was staring right back at me and I smiled wider than I ever had before. The journey home took half the time it took to get to the cave, it was much closer than I thought.

When I finally reached my house I opened the door finding both of my parents staring at me like I was an alien, all I could was smile.

“I told you” I said and left into the city to watch all my friends and enemies welcome the Sun back with open arms.

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