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Motivational Speaker Dave Crane - 10 Reasons To Be Grateful You’re YOU

Motivational Speaker Dave Crane - 10 Reasons To Be Grateful You’re YOU

Some days when you wake up and the day ahead looks dark, unfriendly and likely to sting you, I’d like you to remember these 10 things, smile and take your first step forward knowing that life is good.

1) You are NOT the President of The United States

Love him, or loathe him (or both), you wouldn’t want to be him. Imagine all that responsibility. All that work and constant scrutiny. The knowledge that your life will never be the same again afterwards and that every country and politician is out to get you. There is no place to hide and whatever you do will infuriate millions.

Not for me thank you.

2) You are alive.

You are taking part in the ultimate reality TV game — living your life. Imagine if you were hired to act as you in a new immersive augmented reality video game. No aliens, no superpowers, just real decisions and real people.

  • Could you play this game?
  • Would you have fun?
  • What would be your highest score?
  • Would you want somebody else to play it for you? If so — where’s the fun in that?

Imagined you rolled dice and got the score that makes you. Learn how to upgrade and move your counter onto the first space…

3) Nobody actually cares how much YOU mess up.

Well, they do and they don’t. They actually care about ‘what’s in it for them’ rather than anything to do with you. Sure they like you or even love you but it’s all because of how you affect them. So take a bit of pressure off yourself to be perfect or even make constantly correct decisions. You are only human and so are they. Even the Queen of the United Kingdom goes to the bathroom. Mind you, at her age, it’s probably more times per day than you.

4) You can usually do it again

School examinations aside, you normally get several chances before you get declared ‘a mess up’. When you get something wrong, make a bad decision or offend someone 99% of the time you can regroup, collect your thoughts apologize and go back and do it properly second time around. People are usually very forgiving. Be humble and honest and you’ll be fine.

By the way, this doesn’t work very well for extreme sports or suicide attempts.

Everything else is cool though.

5) Success leaves clues.

If you want to be accomplished at something, you very rarely have to be the first person to do it. Even when you are unique, there are plenty of other people who were unique in their own field.

  • Google them.
  • Find out how they did it.
  • Connect with them.
  • Get a mentor and/ or coach (maybe even them).
  • Work out the mindset needed and the steps you must take.
  • Calculate and set KPIs (key performance indicators) to check you are doing it right.
  • Go for it with a mental roadmap of what to do next.

That feels better now doesn’t it?

6) Everyone else is taken.

Seriously, who else are you going to be? You have both nature and nurture at play working on you since before you were born to make the very best version of you possible.

Are you working against them?

  • Work out how to be a better you.
  • Decide what makes a happier you.
  • Choose the ‘lowest hanging fruit’ to make a little short term personal victory (it usually involves eating chocolate).
  • Do that.
  • Then make bigger plans to create a more permanent level of happiness.
  • Finally agree (with yourself) to take a ‘chill pill’ as you get there.

7) People died on the news this morning and it wasn’t you.

Every one of them had plans for today, family to visit, loved ones to hug and kiss and things to say to important people in their lives.

Every single one would swap your ‘whiny, nobody loves me, I wish I was dead’ etc mantra /routine — that you don’t really mean but are letting off steam and looking for sympathy.

  • Be grateful.
  • Use your day.
  • Do them proud that you know what to do with your life or at least you are working on that.

8) You can fart.

It’s free, it makes you feel better and has unlimited comedy value.

9) Today is a completely new and unpredictable experience waiting to happen.

If you have already tamed it and know exactly how things are going to pan out because you have a set daily routine, shake it up.

Try a different breakfast cereal.

Drive a different way to work.

Say No or Yes to something you’d normally do the opposite with and see what happens for a change.

Challenge yourself to be different than you were yesterday and to have achieved something unique BEFORE you go to bed.

Do this every day once you get a taste for it.

10) You can only read life backwards.

Your history shows your legacy. Every day you are too close to it to see how important each step is and the future never really gets here because when it does, it just turns into today.

You are making an impact, having little victories and doing the right thing.

Have faith in yourself.

Get a coach to fast-track your progress.

Dump friends who act like they know so much but are deeply unhappy too. They might not be able to help you after all.

Smile more.

Walk between meetings (running makes you exhausted).

Enjoy the ride.

This is your life and one day, like the news story this morning, it will start with your passing on.

When that happens if you can only say ‘life was ok’ and not ‘life was fantastic’ then you got everything you deserved.



Eat chocolate.

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Dave Crane recently won the Al Arouwad/ MTV award as the best motivational speaker in the MENA region. He is also an award-winning broadcaster, NLP hypnotherapist, author and speaker coach. In his career, he’s run radio stations, coached many of the world’s favourite brands and worked alongside some of the biggest names in entertainment and sports.

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