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Motivational Speaker Dave Crane - Don’t You Dare Give Up!

Motivational Speaker Dave Crane - Don’t You Dare Give Up!

So you’re going through a tough time right now?

I get it.

So what?

I’m sorry, but let’s be blunt here.

Big deal. Life can be difficult, It’s designed that way.

Nobody gets anything for free.

So make it fun.

Gamify it.

Star in your own reality TV show.

Test your resolve, your resourcefulness and your reasons.

Ask yourself, ‘Why do I do what I do?’

Find the WHY that drives you.

That’s why you CAN do this.


Most sales people give up a client after 3 rejections.

The rich ones know that the client will buy after 8 calls.

That’s why they are rich.

So you are out of cash. Okay.

But you are NOT out of LIFE.

Get a bottle of water go down to the park and sit.

Watch the world.

Nature, kids, people walking, sports people, animals, families, sunshine etc.

AND you.

Buy an ice-cream (if you can).

How cool is the world now?

And this experience has cost you NOTHING.


  • Make a vision board.
  • Set your goals.
  • Make them outrageous AND break them down into bite-sized chunks.
  • Break the chunks down to daily tasks.
  • Pick an enemy, start the fight.
  • Make sure to know the villain and the hero are the same person who stares back at you in the mirror.

That’s your true competition.

Nobody else cares. They are too busy trying to work out their own journey.

You want an ally, a friend, a sponsor, a buddy or a mentor?

Work out ‘What’s in it for them?’ first before asking about what you need.

Then you’ll get that helping hand.


Do you hear that noise in the background?

That beautiful violin concerto building to a crescendo of arousing theme music to drive you into battle?


Neither do I.

Because there’s nothing there.

That’s because nobody else gives a stuff.

So download your favourite movie theme, rock song or inspirational video, put it on your phone and play it as often as you can.

Now you have the best music.

Now you are EPIC.

Life IS hard.

It’s not always fair.

Why should it be?

But life NEVER throws anything at you which you cannot handle.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

You weren’t born with Trump money, Kardashian fame or Prince talent.

Have you ever truly looked at what these people have gone through?

Not just the main guys, but the also rans, the other family who weren’t quite as talented, good looking or connected.

The ones who get discarded.

You are very lucky.

Right now only you are watching your own ascent.

Plus I’m watching too. As of now…

  • You are NOT alone.
  • You just don’t know your fans yet.
  • You just haven’t made your fortune yet.
  • You just haven’t discovered your key to happiness yet.
  • You’re a superstar on the way up.
  • You’re very lucky.
  • The media isn’t watching yet.

You can make ALL your bad choices, lousy relationships and embarrassing moments BEFORE the cameras show up.

So you’re friends have let you down.