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Motivational Speaker Dave Crane - How To Positively Deal With Criticism…

Motivational Speaker Dave Crane - How To Positively Deal With Criticism…

You should sack a few clients, they should be the one’s who ‘don’t get it’.

Yes, you already know who I am talking about.

You can’t and won’t waste my time trying to coach anybody who isn’t open to personal development, growing their business and becoming better daily.

Feel sad (for them), but immensely relieved for yourself.

It will be like a massive weight has just lifted from your shoulders and your time is now freed to concentrate on the 20% of clients who bring in 80% of your business, NOT the 80% who only bring in 20%.

They tend to be:

  • Bad payers.
  • Incompetent.
  • High maintenance.
  • Unable to take criticism.
  • Energy draining.
  • Ego maniacs.
  • All of the above.

In my opinion, if you do anything in business and hear anyone say it ‘could have been better’, this is what you should do…

  • Collect everyone’s opinion whether they are close friends, suppliers or staff.
  • Imagine all the comments positive or negative are written down on slips of paper.
  • Drop them into an imaginary bag.
  • Reach in and pull out the constructive feedback, leaving behind the tone of bitterness or spitefulness if you find any.
  • Write down the steps you need to improve your performance and implement them ahead of the next performance.

Top coach Jack Canfield has an amazing technique for gaining feedback from everyone.

Ask each client 2 questions:

1) What score would you give me out of 10 for what I/ we did?

2) What would have made it a 10 out of 10.

Do that for everyone you do business with and your organization will skyrocket with great and improving customer service.

Cool isn’t it?

And SO simple.

We live in a world of massive global AND local competition and micro-niches. Technology is updating at such a speed that you need all the friends, customers and goodwill that you can get.

At the best, they’ll continue to give you business, at the worst, they’ll tip you off when a big issue is on the horizon that may affect your survival.

Welcome positive criticism,