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Motivational Speaker Dave Crane - How To Win All Your Battles Today…

Motivational Speaker Dave Crane - How To Win All Your Battles Today…

You can only read life backwards.

History is forever and already set in stone.

The past is a learning curve full of insights, successes and lucky experiences that you may be forgiven to think it was driven by chance.

But it wasn’t.

Your life is driven by your choices, unexpected events and what you decide at any given time to do about them.

Basically, it’s all about your choices.

I agree that some stuff happened which was out of your control.

A partner leaving, your company closing and an illness that hurt — you have years of numerous painful examples to mention.

That’s always going to happen on a daily basis but the ONE THING you can control is WHAT YOU DECIDE TO DO ABOUT IT.

We have 3 natural in built responses within our DNA which are engineered into our being from ancestors facing a predator who wandered into their cave.

The bear was probably going to attack and eat them so they have default options:

  • Fight — Your blood rushes to your fists and heart pumps ready to unleash your best attacks.
  • Flight — Your heart kicks in and sends blood rushing to your legs and you run as fast as possible away from danger.
  • Freeze — Your brain and your body slow down so you can pretend to be totally inanimate so hopefully the aggressor won’t notice you, will see someone else more interesting or will get bored and leave.

How many times have you felt this?

To ensure optimum efficiency, a lack of appetite and clear thinking are included as well as other ‘non-survival’ essential bodily conditions and personal effects.

If you just stare at the bear and think about things too long, it will already have taken you down.

After danger has passed the adrenaline pumped into your system to spur you into action starts to wear off leaving you nauseous and upset, maybe even regretful as a side effect of the ‘come down’.

So how does this help you make better choices today and prepare for tomorrow?

It’s actually a very simple answer.

Train your brain to make better choices AS A DEFAULT SETTING.

Add a few more ‘behavioural buttons’ to your subconscious mind.

This is easier than you think.

You just need to choose them, action them when the time comes and your system will categorise them for future dangers and difficult situations.

Your subconscious mind is a super computer w