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Motivational Speaker Dave Crane - So Who Else Wants $86,400 USD EVERY DAY?

Motivational Speaker Dave Crane - So Who Else Wants $86,400 USD EVERY DAY?

Be patient with me and I will get to the cash.

A bit of background first…

Some people ask me to meet them for a coffee or to buy me lunch so that they can pick my brains.

I can buy MY OWN coffee AND my own lunch and my brains have over 40+ years at the sharp end of entertainment to offer — so the answer is no.

My favourite place to be is at home with my family.

My wife Azizah, my daughter Maya and my two dogs Ash and Snow.

If you want to persuade me to be anywhere but there, you have to pay for my time because I won’t get that back again and I will save you years off yours.

But there are a few exceptions.

Giving back is one.

Tonight I am speaking at EMDI.

That’s the Institute of Media and Communication in Dubai.

I’ll be sharing all my entertainment business experience with a room full of students who will become young entrepreneurs within the next few months.

I believe the most important currency in the world isn’t money, power, fame or achievement — it’s TIME.

The one currency you’ll never get back but it’s also the one energy that forces us all onto a level playing field.

Donald Trump, Richard Branson, Justin Bieber and Khaled my gardener all have ONE thing in common.

Their use of time.

Some may have been born with a silver spoon in their mouths, or built a legacy because of a number of things that ‘fell into place’ but time is universal.

What we do with it is the key to our success.

Don’t waste it.

Give it sparingly.

Understand the value of time.

This reminds me of an amazing video…

You get 86,400 seconds in a day.

If each one was a dollar would you spend it wisely?

Imagine waking up and having $86,400 USD deposited in your bank account with the following rules.

  • You can spend all of it.
  • You can’t save it.
  • The next morning the account will be restored to $86,400 USD regardless.
  • This continues until you die.

Therefore, you trade your time for services.

Respect it and don’t let